Do you LOVE your Sarah wallet in mono?

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  1. Sorry if I'm beating this topic to death, but I'm very torn if I should exchange my Vernis Amarante Sarah (as the smudges annoy me) for the mono Sarah. For those who have the Sarah in mono, do you love using it, or secretly wish it had some more punch or elegance like the vernis? My options are returning it for the mono wallet and getting a vernis cles in a different color or living with the Amarante Vernis Sarah smudges and all and get a mono cles so I won't have to 'handle' and dirty my wallet so frequently.

    Lots of suggestions please....I'm heading to the boutique tomorrow. Thanks!!
  2. I loved my Mono Sarah until I got the Sarah in Rose Pop. I would still carry it periodically if my daughter wasn't using it. I love the Vernis more than mono though. Have you considered just choosing a different Vernis color?
  3. Seems like the smudges really bother you. Get the sarah.
  4. I love my Sarah mono. It's a classic, thus elegant piece, in my opinion, that looks good with my mono bags: Neverfull MM, Galleria PM and my SC. It holds a lot, keeps things secure, and doesn't show smudges and fingerprints, which would bother me! My other LV wallet is a Noir Denim Amelia that I carry with my Noir Denim Neo Cabby GM. I love it too because it doesn't show smudges and stays new looking. Suggestion: If you want a little more "oomph" in a monogram Sarah then check out the Etoile when you're at the boutique. Pricier, but you may decide it's worth the difference in price?
  5. I'm going to double post the post I just posted cause it fits here too (I was posting where someone was asking about the vernis sarah too).

    I have used my monogram porte tresor international wallet (which is almost exactly like a Sarah, but holds a little more and it set out a little differently) every day for well over 10 years. Even at today's prices, 10 years of use would be about five cents per day. For a beautiful wallet that makes me proud and happy every time I use it - that's worth every penny. Now I will say - Vernis isn't going to last that long (it will blacken a bit around the edges and show more wear and you'll have to be a little more careful), but if you take care with it, it will still give you many good years. The quality is outstanding on most of them (steer clear of ones like the Insolite, or light colors, or multicolor where the silk screening will chip) and go with a classic style that doesn't have a lot of brass hardware to discolor, and you will have a wallet that will last you a really really long time. My mono porte tresor international wallet still looks almost brand new and it's been dropped, thrown around and used to death. Granted, the damier or mono print are the ones that can take that kind of beating. I did buy a framboise zippy, but don't use it as much because it does show any kind of wear or spots.

    So in answer to your question - yes - I adore my mono classic wallet. I wouldn't mind having a Sarah in mono at all - I actually think the set out inside is a little nicer because it doesn't open out like mine, but I carry so many receipts that the big coin section is perfect for that). If you want one you'll never have to worry about for the next 10-15 years, get mono or damier.

    If you want one for 5 years or so, go with vernis, but I still wouldn't pick amarante. I do like pomme and my pomme 4-key holder still looks gorgeous after extensive use.
  6. I prefer vernis but the mono is still nice
  7. I love my mono Sarah so much it's my avatar.
  8. I love my Mono Sarah Wallet. :love: Unfortunately, it is sitting at home because I am totally enjoying the LV ZCPs I currently have because they are so compact and light inside my handbags.
  9. Love my sarah wallets, I have both the mono and damier... These canvas are very low maintenance and durable. Good luck in deciding!
  10. I have the mono sarah wallet. I love it and I must say it is the best wallet I've ever had. Mine is 18 months old and it looks brand new.

    If the fingerprints bother you that much get the monogram one.
  11. I deliberated over this exact same decision for quite some time. I loved bleu nuit, but I just couldn't justify spending that much on a wallet that I'd worry about scratching, etc. So, after going back and forth at the boutique, I decided to go with the mono Sarah instead. While it's not incredibly exciting, it is nice, classic, incredibly functional, and durable. And anyway, if it was the least bit exciting/trendy, then I'd probably get tired of it. I went with function, and I'm happy with my decision. I hope that this helps!
  12. I would just exchange and get a lighter color Vernis Sarah - like Orange Sunset, Pomme (if your SA can locate one), or even the new Rose Florentin or Gris Art Deco - none of these would show any smudges/fingerprints. My Pomme Sarah does not show fingerprints!
  13. I LOVE my mono Sarah Wallet. I love the layout of it. It's such a durable wallet, and I think it's beautiful. I had thought about getting a Vernis, but I don't want to deal with having to baby it, canvas doesn't have to be pampered!
  14. I only have the Sarah wallet in vernis and I love it, I have the amarante as well, but the fingerprints really don't bug me at all. It sounds like the fingerprints but you, so I would definitely exchange for either a different color of vernis, or the Mono. It sounds like the Mono might be the perfect choice for you, and you can get your pop of vernis color with a cles! Good luck with your decision and have fun at the boutique!
  15. I absolutely love my Sarah in mono. I feel mono is the most exciting pattern. I would suggest though maybe the azur? Those are gorgeous wallets. Especially the alexandra.