Do You Love Your Job *&* Hate Your Co Workers ?

  1. I'm self employed, I love my job, and the people that work with me.

    Do you love your job and your co-workers ?

    Or just your job ? Maybe just your coworkers ?
  2. I really enjoy working for my dad's company. My coworkers are great, I always have a blast working here. Of course sometimes the work is tedious and repetitive, but I try my best and just do it. If I have to work alone, I listen to my ipod and get kickin'. Of course, there are some downsides to being the boss's daughter, but there are a bunch of perks too :yes: Overall, I really enjoy it, maybe I'll work here again next summer, just like I did last and this summer (I'm a full-time student during the school year, so I have a different job).​
  3. I love my coworkers, hate the politics... LOL

    My job is still challenging so i'm happy to be where i am
  4. Exactly!! :yes:
    whoops, this is a dupe, sorry.
  5. exactly! :yes:
  6. I used to like (not love) my job, and love my co-workers. Well, most of them :P I've since left that job, but starting a new position on Monday, so we'll see how that goes :shocked: <--- nervous!
  7. I love my job but hate management!
  8. OMG! I am sooo going through this with my BFF. She hates her lunatic boss and co-worker he's sleeping with sooo much, she"s getting drunk at 7am so she doesn't have to go to work. She is fantastic at what she does, but the enviroment is so unhealthy we have suggested she consult a lawyer, get some severance pay and get the hell out of there! Life is too short, find a place to work happily.
  9. I love my job. I don't hate anything. Life's too short. OK I hate child molesters and those types.
  10. i love my coworkers, but my job is starting to get tedious. i'm thinking about looking for a new one.
  11. Good Luck with that!

    I think my job is ok, but it would be better if I didn't have to work with my crazy coworkers. Some of the girls I work with are real ditzes. Others are always speaking before they think.
  12. I love teaching, sometimes I love doing research and writing, and I love most of my co-workers (of course I have some minor feuds with a few of them). The main thing that I hate about my job is the pathetic salary and complete lack of benefits -- very stressful. Also, the uncertaintly as to how many classes I get assigned to -- and paid for -- each semester. But the actual stuff I do is great fun!
  13. LOVE my job, LOVE LOVE LOVE the owners, love the people I work with except one. It's unbelievable how one person can make your entire day SOOO MISERABLE! Other than that I LOVE what I do!

  14. hmmm, well i use to LOVE my job... until they employed a new Pharm. Tech... I hate my job now! Y? because i hate working with the other techs now... they're SO :censor: -ing clicky and they always go off together etc... it actually made me cry one day... AGGHH! i hate my job i wish these techs would fall down and die... :mad: :mad:
    OMG, im such a bad person for saying that... but its the truth! :Push:
  15. I adore my job (kindergarten teacher) but LOATHE the vast majority of my coworkers. My school is over populated with whiney know-it-alls and the sad thing is, its NOT the children!