Do you love your HAC?

  1. I'm trying to find more info about HACs-do you love it and why?

    (I know there are threads about this but no matter how I wrote "hac" it wouldn't bring any of them up!! So sorry for the repeat-but I'm desperate!):flowers:
  2. I love everyone else's HACs - does that count?
  3. Yes, that counts, MERIKA! LMAO!!!!!

    I love the HAC too and when I find just the right one for me, I'll be all over it like white on rice. Love it because it's one sexy, feminine really is.
  4. I have 2 and I absolutely LOVE them! I really think it is my fave Hermes bag style! There are definitely MORE HAC's in my future!
  5. love it more than the 35cm birkins:heart::heart::heart::tup:
  6. i prefer the shape but the shorter handles are ANNOYING
  7. My love for the HAC knows no bounds- just look at my profile:lol:!
    The slight variations in dimensions from the regular Birkin seems to really make a difference. LOVE it!!!
  8. Hermesaholic has a point about the handles, but the SIZE!!!! The size is PERFECT!!!!! And the proportions!!! And that square turnkey! MWAH!
  9. I love it more than birkin 35 now. It's a perfect size in 32. Not too big and not too small. :smile:
  10. I do love the perfect size.
  11. Lots of love for the HAC!!! I've actually just started to consider a HAC over a 35 Birkin (either would be my first HAC/Birkin jump). I just love the idea of the style working to elongate and slim ;) it true??
  12. Is 28 too small then? I find my Birkin 35 a bit too heavy and big, while my 28 Kelly too small, so I'm considering either a 32 or 28 HAC. I thought a 32 might be too similar to my 35 Birkin in size. Of course in an ideal world, I would have both!!
  13. I would-if I had one!
  14. Do you have enough room to stick your arm through? I love the HAC, but that's my only concern.