Do you love your Damier Papillon?

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  1. I think this may be my next bag (I will see if I can find a nice one on ebay first, before paying full price) but have never seen one in person. I have the monogram Sonatine and I love her - I love bags in these sizes - but want a Damier. Do you like your Papillon? What size do you have and do you have pics of it on your arm so I can see what it looks like on? Also, what dont you like about it? Anything I should be aware of? Thanks, you all are always such great help in these decisions! :flowers:
  2. I love the Damier Papillon too!

  3. Thanks for sharing - after seeing those pics of how darn cute it is on, this will definitely be my next bag. Im thinking that I will get it at the Seattle LV to get the full experience with this purchase. I think I will get it after the holidays - happy new year to me!:yes:
  4. i don't have one but I think its cute
  5. I have both the mono and damier, both in the size 30. I love the youthful unique barrel shape and they're the only shoulder style LV bags I love. :love: The 30 is very roomy, although I wish they put a pocket on the inside but then that's what the mini pap is for. :P
  6. Ooh, I don't have any pics, but I have the Damier Pap 26, and I just love it!!

    For me, it's plenty roomy. You can fit LOADS in it, purse, phone, books, umbrella. I wanted to get away from bigger bags, as I just fill up an bag I have, and I also didn't particularly want a shoulder bag, but I wasn't keen on just a hand held either. Pap 26 is fab, because you *can* shoulder it if need be, but when I'm out shopping, I usually have it in the crook of my arm, and then just carry if hand held when I'm walking about.

    Sorry to waffle, but it's my first Damier, and me loves my pappy!!!

    Good luck!

  7. Yes, it's in the top five Damier bags I think are great! Love the roominess of the 30!
  8. I have the mono 30 and love it so much I would consider buying one in damier as well. The shape is great.
  9. I have the damier papillon 26 & yes, I love it! It was my very first LV bag & I still think it's one of the cutest bags. Also there's no vachetta to worry about. I don't carry too much stuff in my bags, so this size is perfect for me.
    I have my wapity in there along with my wallet, keys & phone.
  10. im thinking about getting it too! i saw it on the girls next door on E and i loved how it looked!
  11. I have a vintage mono 30, but I love it! It holds a lot for its size and it can be both a handheld and shoulder bag (although some people don't like using it as a shoulder bag). I saw the damier pap twice's really beautiful!
  12. I LOVE the pappillon...I have the 30 in Damier, it is very cute and fits when the weather is nasty I don't worry about it.
  13. i have both the damier pap 30 and mono pap26 love both
  14. Yes I couldn't live without mine.