Do you love your cambon medium reporter??

  1. Please help! I'm trying to decide whether to get the black/black medium (next size up from mini) reporter, I hear about bulky issue, strap issue but not sure how bad it is IRL with use...any pictures of you holding it? Do you still love it? Your input is greatly appreciated!! :p
    chanel reporter.jpg
  2. There are lots of threads about this very subject... a search for Reporter straps or Reporter bulky or some such keywords should pull up a number of threads.

    I love mine and have no issues with it at all.
  3. i still love my minireporter--though I find that I reach more for it when I'm traveling (useful pockets). It's just a cute bag!
  4. Thanks!!:yes:
  5. I have the dark brown on brown patent CC's mini Reporter and it is great. I like it as it is more casual than some of the other Chanels and it is not so "in your face" because it does not have the chain handles.

    To me it is comfy and I am very petite. However it is better in the warmer months when we are not wearing heavy coats. It dresses up a blazer very nicely and I always feel like a million dollars when i wear it.

    I think it is a unique Chanel and I rec it. The pockets are very useful.