do you love this bag?? need help

  1. To those of you with the med/large ($1995) classic black flap with original chain, do you love this bag?? is it a "must have" claasic bag?
  2. You already started a thread stating you have to return it because it isn't made well and there are several replies asking for clarification. So - why don't you answer the questions in that thread first, versus start this new thread and be redundant.
  3. wow, sorry it bothers you so much. it would have been nice of you to just not reply.does it make you feel better to hurt someone's feelings?
  4. I really like mine and feel it is essential to my collection. It feels like that basic classic bag that will last for a long time.
  5. Clearly you don't like the bag... maybe just return it and get it over and done with?

    It's obviously bothering you that you want to return it, maybe that's a sign?

    Of course it's a classic and a must have... I think there are plenty of threads on this already
  6. let's try and stay friendly and on topic guys:yes:
  7. I don't have it because it's not for me.
    It's totally a classic, but a "must have" is different for everyone.
    It's not a must have for me, it's not practical for me personally.
    I'm a tote girl.
  8. I agree- I'm a tote girl too.
    But if you like the look of this bag, this would be your "must have". Whatever you pick, enjoy!
  9. Yes! I love the medium caviar flap. I considered it a must have. I love how you can wear it dress up or casual. hehehe. I like variety in my selection, such as tote, clutch, and flap.

    I think you should keep yours/ get it.
  10. I LOVE mine :smile:
  11. I love the look of the med/large classic bag but IMO it's too small for all of mine daily essentials. If you think it's the right bag for you then you should get it. Make sure you really like it though otherwise you will regret later.
  12. it's personal choice, really.. i guess everyone loves a different bag..

    if you are not 100% about it, you should return it.

    i just returned my beige caviar flap..
  13. I have the jumbo and I think that is a "must have" (for me.) It's the same bag really, just bigger.

    I hope this doesn't sound snobby, but it kind of sounds as though you just aren't sure about the bag... not so much that it isn't well made. That is okay, it happens, but if you're not 100% sure, return it. It has to be right for you and ultimately, it shouldn't matter what we think as you are the one who has to carry it.
  14. I agree- it's all about personal preference. I think the flap is a classic staple in one's wardrobe, but I don't have one because as timeless as they are, I would be wearing it for looks not purpose or it would sit in the back of my closet. Like other who have posted, i am a tote girl who needs easy access to my stuff so I have found love with other chanels. Chanels are expensive. If you aren't 100% sure, return it and wait until you find one that really speaks to you. Good luck with your decision!
  15. My niece has the medium black classic flap with original chain. She loves hers and considers it a "must have". She only uses it in the evening, never in the daytime, though I have seen women carrying their classic flaps in daytime.

    I don't personally have one, but I love the design.