Do you love the sun, even though you know you shouldn't?

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  1. Well I admit it, I like the sun. :beach:. Because I sprained my ankle, I haven't been able to avail myself of my newly fresh clean pool...but I am finally well enough (I think) to brave the pool stairs tomorrow and intend to swim and relax in the sun and get a little color tomorrow!

    I know, I know sun is the enemy. Skin cancer, wrinkles and all that, but I can't help myself! Nothing makes me feel healthier and makes me feel 10 pounds lighter than a nice glow.

    Please tell me I am not the only one!

    Every time I visit an asian country, I am struck by the irony of rows and rows of lightening/whitening products, so similar, yet quite opposite of the self tanners here in the USA.
  2. I love the sun too! :smile: I don't intentionally go out to tan but I can play out there for hours on end! Beach bum! Beach Volleyball here we come!!
  3. You are not alone! All my life I have been a sunbather. I know what you mean about feeling healthier with some color on your skin. The past 3 or 4 years I never got any sun and I always felt pale and gross all summer. This year, thanks to getting jump-started in the Bahamas, I am once again worshipping the sun. My skin is in good shape and I figure I'll be wrinkled when I'm old regrdless, so what the heck.
  4. I pretty much hide from the sun! Everyone in my immediate family has had skin cancer.

    When I was little I went to the beach every single day, but always had a lot of sunscreen on. Now I rarely go. When I do, I wear a ton of sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, and "hide" under an umbrella the whole time I'm not in the ocean. My FSIL was in Hawaii on vacation last week, and I did get quite a bit of sun... started to turn not so pale. It felt weird! LOL

    People are always telling me I should get a tan, but A) it's not worth the risk to me and B) I like being pale. It's just who I am. :smile:
  5. Here here on the "healthy color" look :smile: I just returned from Bali and have a nice little tan going on and I LOVE it! (although I do admit that I use a lot more sunscreen than I used to b/k of all the threats and warnings of skin cancer, wrinkles, etc. etc. etc... :smile:)
  6. OMG, and guys... promise me that if someone is pale (I don't mean nasty pale... but obviously naturally pale, with freckles and red hair) PLEASE don't nag them about getting a tan. It's the most annoying thing in the world! :crybaby:
  7. I get this all the time. I'm Asian and I personally love my skin the way it is. I love the sun but I can't stay out too long. I guess it's because it's been so long since I had a tan... '99 to be exact. I was so 'fried' from working at the day camp. I loved it though!:wlae:
  8. I love being tan- but I hate getting so hot!

    probably because of that time in HI- I fell asleep on the beach at 11am...........and.........didn't wake up until 430pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    omgosh- I was totally burnt ON ONE SIDE OF MY BODY!!!

    hahahaha~ now that I think about it- it is funny, the back of my legs were light olive and the front was like medium burnt toast!!!

  9. I live for a bit of color! I am red headed and freckled and refuse to be in sun (or a tanning bed) with the intent to burn. I did that one time and refuse to ever do that again! I love a nice bit of color...I don't like the leather couch look, but I agree! I just feel better about myself!
  10. My father called me a "sun goddess" when I was about 10 years old. If I could be outside in the sun I was there. I am a lot more careful now with sunscreen but my goodness I do love the sun as well!!!

  11. I LOVE BALI !!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup, sun, beach and summer breezes, i am definitely that kind of gal, hehehehe
  12. yes .. i know it's not the best for ya, but i'm from san diego .. what do u expect? haha!

    i loving laying out .. [ used to do the tanning beds all the time ] .. but not anymore. i just loving being in the sun .. at the beach .. it just feels good!
  13. You definitely are not alone!
  14. yes, i love my sun :P
  15. You are not alone:smile:

    I think the most important thing to remember while in the sun is not to burn. That is what causes the most damage to your skin. I use SPF of at least 15 on my body and 25 on my face, and despite the high factors, I still get a tan but never burn. Go for a nice heathy tan, surely there can't be anything too wrong with that!
    Everything in moderation:beach:

    Twink: Hope you can manage the stairs and enjoy your pool today. I am out of commission too, recovering from surgery which I had yesterday. Wish I could join you in your pool for some water therapy, sun therapy and maybe a little margarita therapy:drinks:
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