Do you love the pursuit more than the bag itself?

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  1. I was wondering if any of you feel as I do. If I see a bag I like, and if it is a particularly "hot" bag that is highly coveted, I try harder to possess it. However, once I have the bag, I'm ready to move on to the next one. I end up with many nice bags that I really don't use too often.
  2. Sometimes i do that, i'll see a bag and HAVE TO HAVE IT but once i get it... i really don't use it or like it as much as i did when i didnt have it... does that make sense??
  3. Sometimes ...

    There are a few that I rarely if ever use ... I call them impulse buys ... or rather a buy if the one I was really looking for was not available ... and yes they are pricey and that is what my husband does not understand about him ..

    he doesn't have a problem with me buying bags ... he does have a problem if I go looking for a paddy ... find a mulberry instead ... buy the mulberry ... rationalize it to him saying that it is what a really wanted in the first place ... then a month later I go buy the paddy also !!!!
  4. Sometimes.. I like the saving, and the imagining outfits with it.. and then the final conquest. Sometimes it just sits in my closet after though. ugh
  5. Before you guys go nutty over what I'm about to say, brace husband bought me a birkin for the birth of our daughter and I've used it once. It was really exciting choosing the color and hardware and all the good stuff, and it arrived exactly a week after our daughter was born. I just never found use for it...I didn't want to do a Kate Moss and use it as a diaper bag.
  6. sometimes, i'm like that! But since ive gotten more into my bags, i totally rotate! :amuse: but at the moment the pursuit is going to last for a couple of months or even a year.... :sad2:
  7. The chase is fun, but I think when you open the box that just arrived in the mail or go to the store and pick it up, it's even better. Carrying a new bag for the first time is a great feeling :nuts: I will find an excuse to go out that evening, whether it's running to Walgreens to buy shampoo or the grocery store for milk, bread, whatever! :P
  8. I'll admit that I've never been into the chase until I found this forum! I think it's mainly b/c this is the first place I heard about the Stam. Then I discovered GD, and didn't know what it was, but saw it featured in my Shop, Etc. magazine so I actually KNEW what it was, lol. And I didn't realize that the LV cerise had been phased out....

    So I was hunting like a nut for the Stam. But I realized that it's not really the purse for me--even after finding two of them. And I am happy that I found the forum b/c I was able to get my very FIRST LV, the Sac Plat cerise. And it's made me very happy--this purse is not going back :lol:

    But yes, I admit I've gotten sucked into the hunt. But now I have a better idea of what I truly like versus what's the "it" bag to get. I think I just like the things that aren't as popular but special to me.
  9. I'm more into the hunt for the deal as opposed to the bag. I just have to get it as cheap as humanly possible. I guess it makes it easier to justify then.
  10. I absolutely hate pursuing a bag or anything! When I really love a bag, I want it immediately! Luckily, I'm at an age where I'm not really into "it" bags, so I usually don't have too hard a time finding what I want.
  11. I am the queen of impulse buy which is why i also have tons of clothing, shoes, and bags i don't use. You're totally right about "it" bags aswell. That's why i returned my balenciagas, thankgoodness i was still in the time frame for a refund. 99% of the time its too late and i'm stuck with things i don't use. I"m even worst when i see bags on sale even though i may not love it i'll buy it because its cheap or a 10% discount....... i'm slowly processing things before puchases now.
  12. I think I love the pursuit... the hunt for THE bag. But then once I got it, I think I take it for granted and wonder why I used to lose sleep over it.
  13. I definitely love the pursuit and I tend to love the bag that's the hardest to get. And I'm not an impulse buyer since I hate returning anything. I usually have the SA hold the bag for me overnight while I think about it then either call the next day to cancel or come in and buy it. My SA at Nordstrom know that if I really love a bag, I will come back for it.
  14. Rarely, usually it's when I've never seen the bag in person.
  15. You must be my evil twin :smile:

    I can SO relate.