Do you love the new look of tpf?!

  1. I think it's so cute and is definetly not the typical forum look anymore!
  2. hmmmm....too pink lol :p not really my taste but nice for the girls ! lol :flowers:
  3. Uhhh... umm...

    Not so much.. :sad:
  4. Yes!
  5. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I love the new colors and the new artwork!

    But somehow the webpage isn't loading correctly on my browser. The left side gets cut off for some reason...
  6. Shiny!
  7. I love it!!!
  8. My eyes have to adjust to it...
  9. haha me too, my eyes are going all funny. I like the bags on the top though :smile:
  10. i love it!!!!!!!

    but as shushopn said, my eyes have to adjust


    but i love white and this is terrific.

    thanks a million Vlad and Megs!
  11. Very cute! But I wish the screen wasn't cut off on the right to allow for ads!
  12. Yes, very very cool and hip! Thumbs up!
  13. I thought I was at the wrong place-I am going to have to get used to it-lots of pink is not really my speed. but, we were probably due for a change
  14. I love it! It looks very nice! :yes:
  15. SOOOO PINK!!!!!!... hurts my eyes a little *_* gotta get use to it.. love the color scheme though :biggrin: cute cute...