do you love the Monogram Bronze?

  1. Hi guys
    I don't know if this has been covered before but what's your opinion on the monogram bronze? I was browsing through the lv website and I came across it many times! IMO it may be one of the strangest and ugliest lines...sorry to anyone who has it it's just my opinions...
    I wanna everything you think about it...:tup:
  2. Do you mean the Mono Vernis Bronze? If so, I absolutely love it...One of the nicest Vernis lines ever IMO. I'm always looking for a nice bronze wallet on eBay. When it was released I did make one purchase and never use it. Wish I had gotten a nice wallet instead. I'll keep checking eBay and one day I'll find one at a decent least I hope so.
  3. I love the bronze Vernis.. I don't see anything strange or ugly about it..
  4. no no the vernis bronze I was talking about the monogram bronze..If you go to the french website you will see it listed beneath the other lines...the military line as it is called...
    Vernis bronze is one of my favorites colors as well...hold your horses guys...
  5. i think bagmaniac23 is refering to this Monogram Bronze, not Vernis Bronze :smile:.

    i'll admit when i 1st saw the pics online i didn't like it but seeing it in retail and some modeling pics at tpf makes me decide that it does look quite nice! if the price is not so high i'll consider getting one :biggrin:.
    Monogram Bronze.JPG
  6. Are you referring to Monogram Bronze Sergent bag? :confused1:

    Sergent copy.jpg
  7. I wasn't refering to the bag itself but the leather...but yes this is the line I was talking about...
    Again I don't mean to insult anyone...I was just browsing through the website and this line was the only one that I didn't like...
  8. I'm not a fan of this bag....
  9. I didn't realize that's what they were calling it! I saw one of these pieces recently. I think that it's hideous too. It looks very cheap to me.. Like aged, spray painted, plastic/metal. :tdown:

    btw. I haven't been told to hold my horses since I was a child, CUTE!
  10. Well I'm glad that you calmed
    I'm Greek and my native is Greek so I don't know what expressions you use or not...but I always learn in here...
    anyway I really don't like it...usually when I don't like something I find other ways to say it..but that's really ugly IMO!!!
  11. bad. But then again...I love these A couple people posted pics. recently and I thought they were quite sharp. I haven't seen them in person & I wouldn't call it a classic bag but definately beautiful.
  12. Me either:p
  13. Not a big fan either.
  14. It's not that it's a bit weird it's the fact that it doesn't match with the whole louis vuitton philosophy...maybe that's why I'm not a fan...and the price is outrageous...but then again for existing someone likes them so what can I say???
  15. I would say, put the awful image out of your mind and move on to something that is pleasing to look at.

    I think the finish on the leather looks like a shoddy paint job and it's very distracting - I think it's awful. I guess that some people like it, but it certainly doesn't float my boat :shrugs: