Do you love the hunt of a sale?

  1. I don't think I'm El Cheapo but I love the hunt of a sale. It gives me a real rush when I find something at a bargain and I can still wear it; meaning not something that so old it can be carbon dated or colors that shouldn't have ever been invented. :Push:

    It's especially hard for me since I'm petite (5'0) and wear a size 5. :crybaby:
    When I do get something that is in style or is classic, I am giddy as a school girl and BF said that's one feeling that he can never give to me. :lol:

    A few days ago I got Steve Madden short heels at Macys' for 50% , plus another 40%, bringing it to a grand total of 11 bucks! Where are you gong to find a steal like that? :yahoo:

    So what do you get on sale that made you giddy as heck?
  2. That's great!

    The best sales I find are always online... J.Crew always has an amazing sale in late January.
  3. oh yes yes yes! It's a total rush finding something you love and it's on sale!

    I agree...I'm not a cheapo but I do love it when I find a bargain on something.

    A few great finds:
    - 50% off prada boots (Bluefly, years ago)
    - A gorgeous cream leather jacket marked down 3 times
    - townhouse!! I had a very motivated seller, as the place had been sitting empty for a few months. Poorly marketed, ugly flyer and there was no photo in the online listings. I almost didn't even go look at it because of all this! Got the price lowered twice and everything I wanted. I couldn't be happier! :yahoo: :wlae:
  4. My best sales have been at Nordstrom Rack...A pair of Dior (Retail: $250.00) & Coach(Retail: $189.00ish) sunglasses $50.00 each and my recent bargain from there is a pair of gucci floral pumps regular retail price of $440.00 I got them for $130.00...I was so excited!!!
  5. I will probably be in the minority here, but sales give me anxiety. Actually, let me rephrase that, there only a small handful of stores that I'd go to for sale hunting (they are small local boutiques with exquisite designer clothes and accessories. I will muster up the patience for that.)

    When Macys or Dillards has a sale, I stay as far away from the mall as possible. Women can behave like animals in department stores during big sales, especially in the shoe department. Back in college, I was a huge sale shopper and I enjoyed the thrill of the bargain hunt. But I always ended up with stuff I didn't really like or need. After a while, it wasn't even worth it. I would get so annoyed with the clutter, the disarray, the loud women. These days, I would rather shop at the beginning of the season and get all my key pieces before everyone else has them (and before all the common sizes are sold out.) This way I can wear them longer and get more bang for my buck, or so to speak. I would rather pay full price and get excellent service from the SAs than wait until the season is nearly over only to get 30% off and have to deal with the headaches, the congestion, and the trampling.

    Since I've stopped scouring the sales, I am only really buying dynamite pieces that "have Danielle written all over them" ...pieces that I love and that speak to me. :P Basically, instead of going buck wild and buying 4 tank tops at Express, 2 sweaters from Macys, and a pair of department store jeans that make my ass look as flat as a pancake (what a crime!), I spring for the well-tailored, girly yet elegant Nanette Lepore wool cropped blazer. I no longer have 50 t-shirts sitting in my closet with the tags on them.

    It's just easier for me to stay sane this way. :smile:
  6. I found a Max Studio skirt at Marshalls for $25, with an original tag listing it for $170 last week. Totally made my day.
  7. right now, I am staying at home.. going through ebay and looking for things.. I feel that when I go to the store, i want to buy something and must bring something home with me.. at least when I go and look at ebay, I do not feel the need to get it right away... hehe but I love looking for sales....
  8. You gals sure got great deals.

    I'll check J Crew out then. :biggrin:

    Pursegrrl, you bought a Townhouse that cheap? :wtf: Now that probably gave you a great feeling.

    I think I've seen your shoes in the Glass slipper posting, Pursefantic. It is very pretty.

    Danielejp, Like I stated early, it's just the rush. I know people on this forum wouldn't mind shelling out thousands for a bags, shoes, or clothes. They do it at a drop of a dime. But some of those people still like a hunt. Sure, some people do over do it. But a hunt is when you've been looking for something and it shows up for a bargain. And i love the hunt.:yahoo:
  9. i do! but you have to know when you want to buy something because it's cheap and not because you love it. then you need to stop. i have gotten some great stuff, the cashmere cardigan i'm wearing now i got half price in the sale last year and it's been pretty much my most frequently worn garment since then. seriously, i wear it all the time, it has a tiny rip in the sleeve and i don't even care! it's at a seam though so i could fix that. it's always worth looking for cashmere in the sale.

    and my apartment :biggrin: for some reason it was at a much lower pricepoint than everything else i looked at and except one that was obscenely overpriced (that then came down when it didn't sell and they called me begging to buy it when i'd already bought my current place which still bugs me a little) by far the nicest.
  10. Oh I love sales, but never had the problem of buying something I didnt want/need just *because* its on sale so that helps. I'm anxious for this weekend, a certain petstore is having a sale on aquariums - $1 per gallon. I'm getting an oceanic hexagon and instead of paying $250, it'll be $40! I know, not clothes/bags but I'm easily excited LOL
  11. Usually my philosophy is "if i dont love/need it, I don't buy it" and that it is better to put $200 into one pair of pants I love than buying 4 on sale for the same price when I'm not truly thrilled with any of them... I think a lot of people get caught up in buying things because they are on sale and not necessarily because they will us it, i used to do that too... and I had an entire closet of thngs I was just sort of "eh" about...

    However, there is something to be said for when you're looking for something specific, and then you find what you're looking for on major sale! Those rare but special moments make me giddy!
  12. oh, i AM GOOD at sales. my friends always told me that i always get the best things on sales, i'm always blessed by coming to the stores on the right time and get the best stuffs.
    like, my friend bought this shoes in full price, and when i go to the store 2 weeks later, it was on sales.
    and the last time, i'm eyeing on a coat and thought about sleeping over a night, and the next day when i decided to buy, it was on sales for like 70% off ONLY for that coat.
  13. with sales u have to have patience ........and that the only thing i have patience for lol
  14. I envy you all for having that kind of patience! :yes:
  15. I LOVE bargains! I think my best buy recently is Marc Jacobs sandals, orig $435, on sale for 75% off! Had to buy 2, one black and one ivory!

    SCORE! The HI is so great!