do you love the cabas?


love or hate?

  1. love it

  2. hate it

  3. no opnion

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  1. love it or hate it?
  2. I adore it! :yahoo: :yahoo: I have a baby khaki coco cabas.
  3. love love love!!!!!
    I'd like to have the white baby cabas:love::love:
  4. I love my khaki coco cabas. Awesome bag...
  5. I love my Teal Cabas! It's one of my favorites.
  6. Love it! I just got the black leather Coco Cabas and it's beautiful!
  7. I have the black baby cabas and I love it! It can hold a ton and I love unstructured bags.
  8. What is there to hate?
  9. I love it!! I am just hopeful that it doesn't become so in that later it goes out-- because I want to wear mine forever!
  10. Love it! Am hoping I can get my hands on a baby one soon!
  11. Hoping to get my hands on the black cabas soon. Yes, I love it!
  12. LOVE it!! i have my vinyl otw :yahoo:
  13. I love it so much I got it in khaki and black! :tender: My favorite style bag!
  14. I loved it for about 2 days and then decided the color was wrong for me, so I took it back yesterday. I'll wait for a black one...
  15. Just not my style.