Do you Love the Biscayne Bay

  1. Does it come in the Pomme Color?

    I know LVBabydoll has 2; are they fun bags to use??!!! I love this bag, and have been thinking about it for a while...:confused1:
  2. i have one in old red but just dunno if it will come in pomme....

  3. Do you love it? Use it? or are just lukewarm about it... do you have pm or gm?:confused1:
  4. Nope, I don't think the Biscayne Bay comes in Pomme D'amour.
  5. I thought the Biscayne Bay was discontinued?

  6. REALLY??? OMG, maybe it is, the only one they have on elux is noisette, que horrible.... I can't buy it...:crybaby:

    Thanks for letting me know elongreach, I really like that bag... shoot.
  7. ps: I love noisette, but am not in a position to buy right now... shoot.
  8. i don't like that color either. but that bag IS cute!
  9. The bag is cute!
  10. i've never seen the GM IRL, but the PM is pretty small...about the same capacity as a pap 26. i think for some reason i was thinking it would be bigger. nevertheless, its an adorable bag! i saw a peppermint one on eBay that was TDF!
  11. I have the Marshmallow Biscayne Bay PM. The GM was too big for me - I am 5' 2".
  12. Sorry to say this but this is one bag I really don't like.
  13. The Biscayne Bay was initially my choice for my first Vernis. But luckily the stores here were out of the Perle ones and I went for the Roxbury instead and never looked back!
    FYI, the bottom of the Biscayne is vachetta so it is very vulnerable to stains!
  14. I loved the GM size but I think it's discountinued. A pomme Biscayne GM would be my ultimate dream bag, even more than the roxbury!
  15. I absolutely don't like this bag, sorry. But don't pay attention to me, if you love it ;)