Do you love the bag that it's eventually going to be more than the bag it is now?

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  1. I'll start...

    I'm one that loves the patina on Louis Vuitton Products, not the dirty look, but the "mature" well taken care of look if you know I mean? I love the way Azur looks with darkened leather, but I'm almost impatient to see it five years from now when it will look killer Kool!!!:nuts:

    I think it will look like the classic bags of fifty years ago...probably why I love the look of Keepalls and Speedys that have been around awhile...when it's aged...:yes:

    When it's New and sparkly it almost looks the millions of fakes out there, but one thing about fakes...they haven't figured out how to fake the patina and nothing looks better than a well loved LV with a great glow!:yahoo:
  2. Ok...I guess I should've just said...

    Yes, I think I Love Azur with Patina better with than without.

    What other bags change their looks over the years? A Channel or Gucci bag will look the same in 10 years, but usually a LV you buy is 2007 is gonna look way different in 2017.
  3. I agree with you. I've only been buying lv for a little over a year so my bags don't have a lot of patina. I can't wait to see them a few years from now. I have the azur speedy 30 and I can tell it has already darkened a little in just a few months. In my opinion, the azur is going to be the best looking patina'd bag out there. We'll all have to check back here in 10 years and post pics of our azur bags. Can't wait!
  4. I had my batignolles out yesterday & noticed it is getting it's patina, but just barely. Love the way it's looking- I got it on January 20th this year.
  5. I love the patina too! I like the idea of it looking like you've always had it.

    The store where I do my grocery shopping (in the next town over) is located in a town where the folks are fairly affluent and is next to another town (that doesn't have a grocery store) where the folks are "old money" affluent. (I go there because they have a fantastic produce department.) I love this store - a lot of the women carry LV and nice Coach bags (when I say nice I mean well cared for - I hate to see an abused bag.)

    Anyway - ALL of the LV's I spot have wonderful patina - these are well loved bags. I come home from the store and sit down at the Elux site to look up ones I don't know the name of!

    Thursday evening I saw a lockit vertical, looping mm, and a troettur. All with lovely patina on the vachetta. The locket was the newest with the lightest color. I also saw the most beautifu Noe there once - the Noe is going to be my birthday gift to myself in Noe-vember.
  6. I love patina! I also love knowing I was the one who let it patina like that (which is why I try to keep the pre-loved purchases to a minimum).
    Anyway this is kind of dumb, but I remember a couple of years ago...I'd always carry a different bag to school each day and this other girl took it upon herself to compete with me (albeit, never commenting on my own bags at all). A couple of bags I remember she had were the marshmallow Biscayne Bay PM and the red epi Soufflout.
    So anyway, I'd been carrying my white MC Speedy for a couple of days before spring break since I needed more room and that was one of my biggest bags at the time. So lo and behold, we get back from spring break and the girl is toting around a brand new white MC Speedy with the most pale vachetta you can imagine. It was obvious that I had mine first and she only bought hers after she saw mine. I laughed lol.
  7. ^ I guess when you think about it that way, it's kind of cool to realize that you have customized the bag and have proof that you truly have style!
  8. I also love patina! The patina makes me feel like it is my bag and mine only because only by carrying my bag around have I caused it to patina the way it has. Plus the pale vachetta is just too pale for me -- I am always nervous with stains, but when it darkens, I can still treat my bag with love and affection (and not abuse it), but also just enjoy carrying it without worrying that the slightest drop of water is going to ruin the whole look of the vachetta.
  9. yup! i like the patina! the beautiful aged well taken care of patina! i dont like it all new and bright. ----will wait patiently!
  10. I seem the be in the minority but I like the vachetta on my bags to seem as light as possible!! I brought my new azur speedy to stay at SOs which is warmer than where i love (so around 70s to 80s) and my bag seemed to patina a bit without me even using it.

    I like mine looking as new as possible but I found it really interesting that I think the preference varies geographically and maybe by generation too. My mother likes it patinaed because she said it looks like youve had it awhile and makes it look more authentic. I also was suprised when I heard that in Japan, the new bag look is looked down upon.
  11. I definitely love my bags through all stages of their life, but I do prefer a patina. Like LVbabydoll said, I like to be the one that gives it the patina and I like to be there throughout the whole process. I can't wait until my speedy and BH patina some more..they are well on their way, and they are looking fabulous!!
  12. I can't wait for my Azur speedy to 'grow' up so i can use it in winter too:drool: but Super Fake's vachetta do patina as i've experienced myself:crybaby:
  13. i prefer my bag the way it is now versus the way it will eventually be.
  14. I like both...pale vachetta is so novel to me, but honey patina is def. my first love. I remember looking at Mrs. Troppo's site showing all the bags with gorgeous patina...It's what distinguishes authentic LV! I don't, however, like the super dark, chocolate patina. :yucky: When my bags get to that stage, I'm replacing the leather/buying a brand new bag.
  15. I agree when the vachetta on a mono speedy is pristine and pale it looks a little fake. I put mine in the sun to hasten it back in Feb. when I got it and now I just keep it out of the bag, it's still pretty light but peachy. I love a nice golden hue on vachetta, not terribly dark but def. not light, that average honey color is yum!

    lvbabydoll, that girl is such a biatch, I hate competitive people, but be flattered she obviously admires you! btw OT I am still loving primp, I got another one from that seller you recommended, the brown horsebit thermal that has the prettiest crystals on it, this champagne pinky color. Oh and I already have that horsebit in the aqua both hoodie and thermal, that's how I know I'm addicted, when I get the same print in other colors! I really can't get anymore though, I'm officially done, although I would love an eagle, lol.