Do you love one line or many designers?

  1. After buying my first Chanel pink Cambon med. tote a few weeks ago and then the matching wallets I am in love with Chanel. I want more. I am trying to organize my life and probably got rid of about 60% of my clothing that I didn't wear or like and gave most of my coach and kate spade purses away (never wear them). So now I feel I only need a few good handbags that I will love...:heart: I only bought Louis Vuitton in the past and probably have about 6 bags that I never wear. I mean some I wore maybe 5-6 times in two years. So I was thinking of selling them to a relative. I just feel my taste has changed and I am going in another direction. The only LV bag I want to keep is my Speedy because it is so big but I probably wear that 20 times a year.
    I just wonder if I will regret it but there are some Chanel bags that I know I would wear more often. Has anyone found that their taste has changed where they want to get rid of all their old stuff and start new?
    Do you find you only want one line of purses or do you carry many designers?:smile:
  2. I wear a lot of designers. If I like it, I buy it. If you love Chanel and only want to wear Chanel, no one is going to get on you for loving it. Because Chanel is one of my favorite handbag and shoes currently.

    So if you want to get rid of your LVs and other items, go for it. Get what you love.
  3. I generally like Chanel more than other designers. But in some occassions I do like balenciaga, LV, and Marc Jacobs. I really go more for the purse style, rather than the name.
  4. I always bought LV because of the quality, they last forever. I have one purse that is 18 years old and it still looks great. I think I find my clothing tastes change to more refined and simple with a clean line and I so love LVuitton but the purses just sit in my closet and are not used and now I seem to use my Chanel all the time. I do have a LV small green denim bag that is my throw around bag which I use when I feel my Cabon can get messed up (like today at a picnic). It is just after coming here to the Chanel forum that I am totally in love with all the purses out there. My sister has a Chanel tan purse but it never caught my eye, now I see so many things here that I feel I can wear with anything..... I think what I really want to do is have less purses and only have ones that I will use and have for years to come.
  5. Well when I was younger I liked Dooney and Bourke, but I found them to go in the other direction is their designs (very young in my opinion) I DEFINITELY prefer CHANEL over all of the designers because I like the overall style, it represents me perfectly. I usually wear nothing but black and white all year and luckily those are the colors of CHANEL. I'm not completley exclusive because I like Coach as far as accessories go and I love Chloe clothes, they are so pretty and sophisticated. I do own more CHANEL than anything else though. Its the best!!
  6. I only buy Chanel and LV, but I prefer Chanels more. And of course, I'm on the hunt for a Birkin, but that's a whole other story.:rolleyes: I love Chanels because they are timeless and classic!:yes:
  7. I was a Chanel fan in the 90s, I still have a small classic flap which my mom took and now my aunt has borrowed it. :rolleyes:

    I am originally a Gucci girl, but I after a while I couldn't find styles that I liked. Then I got into LV, but the sizes were too big or too small. It was so hard finding a purse that fit my frame properly and didn't look like luggage! After I found tPF, I went into the Chanel subforum and now I'm hooked. Chanel has bags that are perfect for my frame which makes it harder on my wallet since I want everything :tender:
  8. Lots of designers as 1 brand is never enough for me :P
  9. gillianna, we have the same situation here! I started buying LV since 2002, I used to own like 10 of them but I rarely used most of them. Maybe because I was younger back then I was so in love with those multicolor monogram, or the panda, the cherries etc.

    But then I started chating on the forum at TFS, then now here as well, and I started to pay attention to Chanel since last year, I did own a Cambon bag since 2004 but I never really paid attention to Chanel. Before I got hooked at TFS I always thought Chanel (mainly the classic flap) is boring and for older people. But now I am hooked!!! I am so in love with Chanel now and I found the LV bags I owned very tacky, so I sold all my LV bags on ebay except the Damier Belem PM which is a good size and classic bag. Then within a year I bought 3 Chanel bags, a J12, a Camelia ring (fine jewelry), and a few pieces of Chanel custom jewelries, I am broke now due to my Chanel purchases but my wish list is getting big now!! Anyways, I have no regret about selling all my LV and I am so glad I now much appreciate Chanel's classic and more "quiet" luxurious style. I also find my Chanel purchases goes with my wardrobe really well, esp. the bags they really go with my clothes. I don't even walk into the LV store now.
  10. I own purses from various designers. Some days I feel like selling all my bags and keep just a handful of purses that I actually use, but then when I think about it some more would I really be content with just few bags?
    But I do know that I am not willing to let go of any of my Chanels at this point. I have sold and would sell all my LV's if I had to pick between the 2 brands.
  11. I love designer handbags-- for me Chanel is the best. Sometimes i buy other brands because they are cheaper. I think Chanel is the most expensive brand (besides Hermes). I adore the timeless and classic style of Chanel. However, I just went to Woodbury Outlet in NY and got 5 bags in a day cos they are cheap (2 Dior, 1 Coach,1 Kate Spade and 1 Versace)- the price for all these bags are around 1000 dollar (so cheap!)-- i even can't buy a chanel bag with that money-- however now i feel guilty-- i should not buy those bags that are on sales ( i may never use them) -- i should save it for another chanel bag that i love----
  12. I love chanel, but have many other handbags I love that aren't chanel. Vuitton, fendi, balenciaga, dior, gucci, Michael kors, Bcbg Max. I love good quality but I don't have to stick with one. I just buy what I really love nothing more nothing less.
  13. i love designer handbags, usually use LV, chanel, tod's, marc jacobs etc. different bags are for different occasions and i need various ones to match my clothes.

    i used to be hooked to LV for many years. whenever i went to paris, i need to grap one or two back. also, the LV sales called me whenever there's new arrival. however, LV gets too popular here (if u've been to HK, u'd know). just imagine, u can meet 10 ppl use monogram speedy in one single day !! so i've sold part of my LV bags on ebay and now keep those which are rare and memorable, eg. monogram pochette (my first LV), monogram speedy (perfect for rainy days), black epi alma and yellow epi wallet (my bf gave to me years ago).

    now, i'm hooked to chanel. it's more subtle but still luxurious, also less popular. i bought 2 bags in a single week, also earrings, necklace and shoes. i own basic colors (black and beige) for the chanel bags. still i use other bags, like tod's fuschia D-bag since chanel doesn't release bags in sharp pink. :flowers:
  14. I like many different designers. But I love Chanel and LV the most.
  15. Cahanel and Balenciaga are my favourites however if I see a bag that I love from other brands I buy them, eg MJ stam, Fendi spy, LV cerises speedy, dior blonde. the ones i use the most though are the balenciagas because they suit my young age (21) and my style. The chanels are my dressier bags.