Do you love Mango?Is it big in your country?

  1. In Ukraine we are still short of brand names, so most frequently I find myself shopping in Mango (thanks God we have at leat this, no Zara, no even H&M, nothing). It's hugely popular in here, always packed. But sometimes I feel really weird, as I'm mostly find all my outfit to be Mango. I mean, I enter the store as a living ad of the brand! So, is it weird, or I shouldn't bother as far as I like the stuff? I mean a girlfriend of mine calls ma mango-girl. It's not that I have much choice, though. Anyone likes the brand? Is it big in your countries?
  2. OMG!! I loooove Mango!!! when I went to the philipines 3 years ago I was in that store EVERYDAY ( and I was there for a month!!). I like the quality, and the price. The styles are very chic couture, IMO!

    We finally got Mango here in Canada but not in my city. The last time I visited Mango in Toronto last Novemeber, I was disappointed. The selection wasn't great. But I thought it was a smaller store too. I get their catalogs and LOOOOVE their outfits! Next time I go back to the Phil I would totally shop at Mango.

    Also I don't think it's comparable to Zara or H&M. I think H&M is lower quality and price point than Mango. And Zara I think is too business-y...not as couture and Mango!
  3. mango is BIG in indonesia, but ever since zara came in... i think i visit zara more :yes:
  4. None in NY that I know.......but who cares if you buy from there only!!
    You wear what makes you feel good, regardless of where and how much it cost!!
    That stinks that there's no H&M though, I think they're great for certain items.. : - (
  5. Mango is big here too...Its one of the places where we could buy long skirts , as in cloth + cut + quality.. we can't live without Mango in our Gulf region haha
    Zara opened next.. now H&M is our brand new target hehe
  6. I think Mango is big in South East Asia.
  7. I remember discovering Mango on a trip to Europe in 98. I was a college student at the time, so I loved that their clothes were very trendy/stylish and affordable too. I think the company is from Spain, but we found it in many of the countries that we visited in Europe.

    I didn't think they had MNG in the US, but I was in San Francisco recently and saw a Mango sign at the Union Square mall with Nordstroms and Bloomingdales. I'm not sure if the store is already open, or if it was an advertisement for a future store there.
  8. I wouldn't say Mango is big in Sweden, but we have it, and I like it.
  9. Yes, I love Mango. Not sure it's big here.
  10. I "discovered" Mango on holiday in Europe! I love their stuff, Zara too! AND H&M :heart: No Mango (OR Zara, OR H&M:push:smile: store that I know of here in my city though, but their online store has been running for some time now! :yes:
  11. No Mango or H & M or Zara here in OZ.
  12. i only buy from mango whenever there is a sale which is like twice a year. and i always find great bargains and end up with a ton of stuff. i love their sweaters, tees and bottoms. i am always buying their tank tops, very comfy.
  13. They have Mango in Australia, but it's called MNG ;)
  14. I like Mango too
  15. I like MNG too. They have great sexy chic party clothes at really affordable prices