Do you love Juicy???

  1. I have just started buying their track suits and this weekend I got a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I love the way their clothes fit!! They are so comfortable and cozy! Do you feel the same?
  2. YES, I absolutely love juicy! I just got the cutest new shirt from them!
  3. Love it!!! I just wish it was cheaper so then i could get every color of everything!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I like their velour track suits, very comfy :yes:
  5. :yes::yes::yes:
  6. I *like* Juicy. It's hard for me to fit in them. I'm not skinny and I'm not tall. Even the XL tops are tight because I have serious boobs and the pants all drag on me. . . :sad:
    What gives?
    I buy it for my daughter though, the shirts are sooooo soft!
  7. I LOVE Juicy! Soo comfortable =)
  8. i have a terry set and velour pants, both on sale. i wouldn't buy anything else juicy because 1. it doesn't fit me well (the p is too big), 2. i think its overpriced, 3. its not very good quality (i already have a hole in a pair of the pants for no reason).
  9. I like them for lounging around the house, wearing on airplanes, dashing out for an errand. I never wear the matching sets, though!
  10. I like the velour hoodies and have just bought three more *naughty*
  11. I love their velour track suits. I own about 6 of them in varying colors. The fit is so sexy!
  12. :heart: their track suits... and their jeans fits me incredibly! the stretch is enough to be fitting and sexy, but doesn get "stretched out" like some other jeans. I also like some of their dress pants, they are low rise enough to be cute but not butt crack showing=)
  13. They're wicked comfy but they run so small I feel so bad about myself when I buy them.
  14. i know right? i only like the velour track suits (which are becoming harder to find! did anyone else notice that? it's all terry now...hate the terry. :yucky:) but even the XL top won't zip around my chest. i'm not even fat anymore, just busty. so pants it is. i think the price is a teensy bit inflated for what you get. it's also hard for me to spend 100+ dollars on what are basically sweatpants but i loooooove them. i buy them on sale only.
  15. I love Juicy hoodies!! The fit is amazing.