Do you love it ?


Do you love it ?

  1. YES !!!!

  2. Not really...

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  1. Don't you think, it's a little Bling-bling ?
    I'm not sure...[​IMG]
    photo 013.jpg
  2. I think there's a bit too much going on.
  3. I like it but I think you'd have to be careful which outfit/style you wore it with; it's not too versatile. I think it's a bag that could look either fantastic or dreadful depending on your outfit. :noworry:
  4. I like it for certain things... its definately not a bag I would wear everyday
  5. wayyyy to much going on, i wish they kept the straps simple!
  6. Oh, its totally bling. And Im lovin it.

    I have one bling bag, I need to carry it more. :yes:
  7. too much for me though.
  8. Yeah.....too much for me. I have one metallic bag and it's more of a muted pewter...any brighter and it begins to look like aluminum foil!

  9. I like it- I can imagine it with a cute little black dress
  10. Bit much for me but I don't mind a clutch
  11. Too much.
  12. I think it would be ok for a clutch.
  13. I bought it last Xmas and i found it perfect for this occasion. But now, i'm not sure...I wear it with neutral clothes because it is really shiny. In the street, many people look at it but i don't you what they think !:confused1:
    Of course, it's a little bling-bling but i wear it with classy coat (black, pale rose) and nothing else.
    I like it but it's hard to wear. I do not use it for everyday.
    I'm a little bit confuse:sad:...keep it or not?
    It's the only "funny" bag i've'll make an exception and keep it...
  14. I like it! But like you said, it's not an everyday-bag and you can't wear it with everything. I think when you're feeling blinbling and you wear the bag with the right clothes, you'll be smiling :smile: away! if you can afford it, keep it! IMO you have to have at least one flashy bag!
  15. it's very cute, congrats!! :smile: