Do you love all things Gucci or just favor a particular Gucci collection?

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  1. When I think about it, I only really love the Soho collection and Gucci Gloria and Noah pumps.

    What about you? Do you love Gucci or just certain collections or styles?
  2. I like Gucci in general :smile: but there are certainly some lines that I prefer over others
  3. +1. I like most of the stuff, but my favourite is Beige/brown GG Coated Canvas. My least favourite is the items with green/red web.
  4. I really like the green and red stripe, so Italian. :smile:
  5. I'm a fan of Gucci in general. However I absolutely LOVE the Soho collection it's by far my favorite!! :loveeyes:
  6. I absolutely loved the hysteria collection! I prefer the BTH and Boston styles the most though i really like Gucci in general. There is always something that catches my eye in most of their collections.
  7. Oh yes I LOVED the Hysteria collection as well!!
  8. I :heart: Gucci generally too

    but when Babushka (2008 and same season as the Hysteria) I did go a bit :craze:

    For me it's the cute shopping knight carrying shopping bags ( Gucci Shield). The shield was originally a happy bell boy carrying suitcases who only acquired amour later. It reminds me of Guccio Gucci's humble roots, and that after carrying all those mega-rich peoples bags up hundreds stairs he climbed his way to the top with the best luggage in the World - his own :biggrin:.

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  9. I also like the stirrup bags... But I love love love the Soho collection!
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  10. I love Gucci's horsebit design! I love all Gucci! I have their gorgeous silk scarves, jewelry and leather bags! Wonderful quality and classic design!
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  11. OMG me too! I forgot I have to have everything with a horse-bit on, even if it's Hermes LOL.

    I think I must be a horse-hardware junkie :biggrin:
  12. :
    :tup: :ghi5:
  13. Not a fan of the Soho, don't really like the giant GG's. But I do love the flora and the bamboo collections and the diamante pattern. Love the exotics too.
  14. I am partial to the Diamante pattern and the beige and blue GG print...I wish Gucci made more blue and biege GG print for men. :P
    I do also like the stirups, Soho line...
  15. I love all things Gucci! especially the flora, horsebit, bamboo, Gg, red/green stripe, jewelry, scarves, fragrances.....yeah, I love all Gucci :smile: