Do you love a bag your family hates?

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  1. For me it's my Kooba Parker. Granted it's old, most likely not in style AT ALL, but I love it, it's practical and really comfy to carry. And great for rainy days! Mine is much more slouchy than this stock pic.
    Anyone else?

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  2. My husband hates my 2jours in black cherry (deep pink). He thinks the color is ugly
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE black cherry and have a peekaboo in that colour :cool: Is your husband a fashionmista? It's easier to deal with what they dislike if they're totally clueless because what do they know?
  4. Do you have a picture?
  5. DF didn't like the BV Maxi Veneta at all so I didn't buy it, he doesn't mind my other BVs, so it must have been the v. large flat shape. He also has a very strong aversion to the Longchamp Pilage which I also wanted. I don't usually take that much notice of what he says regards what I wear but if it's such a strong reaction...

    My MIL2B doesn't like plastic bags or those laundry bags. I won't repeat what she says about people who carry them :shame:

    My sister gets embarrassed if I carry my large white angel-wing bag (I've had it a long time :lol:)
  6. My family is not crazy about my Goyard St. Louis totes. Even my housekeeper made a comment. They think it is some cheap sack that I found somewhere.
  7. DH thinks that my Bal City is plain ugly. Too bad for him - I love it :P
  8. My dad hates my alexander wang diego bag hahaha he says it looks terrible every time I wear it. I don't think he is a fan of the pebbled leather and silver studs.
  9. My mom dislikes all of my heavy bags, she thinks they're a pain to carry, and she's right.
  10. I love that bag!
  11. My mom absolutely HATES the Givenchy Pandora. Especially the peacock edition.
  12. My DH thinks my Celine trapeze looks like an old lady bag and my mansur gavriel camello bucket looks cheap. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459004539.914064.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459004592.652118.jpg
  13. My family keep saying they really hate my Chloè Paraty in Jungle Brown.

    Methinks they do protest too much... and that they actually covet it.
  14. Funny that your husband said that about your mansur gavriel bag. I was unsure of how I felt about their saddle bag and sent my hubby a pic for his opinion and he said the same thing! I would have thought he would have been thrilled with it considering it's priced well below the cost of most of my bags (which he doesn't fully appreciate), but he was not on board and said it looked cheap!:lol:
  15. My brother hates my pink MJ Stam and said it's such an ugly bag especially at that price.