Do you lose some of the "rush" of buying a LV if you buy it online?

  1. OK.....after weeks of obsessing I am almost ready to buy my first LV....:yahoo:

    Anyhow, it looks like I may be making my purchase via elux, as opposed to a retail store. The only place nearby I can make the purchase is my local Saks, and I don't really like that store at all.

    So, here's my question: For those of you who have bought online, whether through elux or you think you lose some of the experience of buying a LV when you buy online, as opposed to going to a LV boutique and purchasing it in person? Also, is it a mistake not to view the bags in person first, and "try them on"?

    I look at this as a truly special purchase....and want to enjoy it. Do you get that same "rush" when that package comes in the mail as you would buying it in the LV store? Also, is it packaged and boxed the exact same way as it would be if you bought it in a boutique? Anyone ever experience any damage to deliveries via mail?

    I guess I am just trying to determine whether it is better to indulge my "craving" right now and order online, or wait until my next shopping trip to NYC or Chicago and make my purchase then!

    Thanks for the are all a fabulous bunch and I look forward to participating more in the discussions in the future!
  2. I get the biggest rush from the purchase when I'm opening the package at home so how I get it doesn't really matter. I still get to open it at home
  3. Whatever you're comfortable with... However, I DO suggest trying the item on first - It's amazing how many times I've looked at something online and loved it, and then changed my mind when I say it IRL
  4. I prefer to buy my bags from the boutique since I like the attention and experience, but I don't mind buying accessories online.
  5. I don't like ordering online. I like the whole shopping experience. Trying on all the bags, chatting with the SA, looking in 'the book'. walking out with my bag....

    Plus many, many times I have thought I wanted one thing, only to change my mind once I got there.
  6. By the time I travel 2 hours to the store, fight traffic and the crowds at the mall, the "joy" of shopping is low. So, no, if I know what I want, then eluxury saves me the time and hassle of going to the store.
  7. I love the experience of going to the boutique...but the cloest one is I usually make an entire shopping day out of it.
    BUT...I have bought from 866 and ebay and I love the rush of opening the box...waiting for the Fedex guy, etc. It's like Santa Claus dropping off presents!
    I also must say...I have put things on my "list" and when I saw it IRL I changed my mind!
  8. Good advice about trying the bag IRL. Elux photos are terrible with respect to sizes.

    Even when I buy an LV at the store, I have it shipped to avoid the sales tax (I live in a state with no sales tax). But at least I know the bag that will be coming via FedEx is the one I examined in the store.

    It would be fun to walk out of LV with a big ol' shopping bag one day,though! :rolleyes:
  9. I love elux too and I just can't wait for the fedex to come, so the answer is no.
  10. I have mainly bought my LV on-line from elux or ebay. I get a rush every time! I know it's coming and I am excited every day just waiting for it. Then I'm *so* excited to open the package!
    I think you're 1st LV purchase should be extra special though and I would wait until you went to the LV store. You'll have so much fun looking at all the bags, trying them on and seeing which one you will fall in love with! :love:
    Once you get one, expect to want more...and more....and more ;)
    They are addicting!
    Also, Welcome to the wonderful world of LV. You'll :heart: this forum also and all the fabulous people here!! :flowers: o*
  11. Denim-- great thread!

    I have often wondered the same thing, but I go back and forth. I have only purchased in the boutiques, but then I feel dumb for not using Elux and saving tax.

    However, I am reluctant to buy from Elux bc I am worried that I won't get that 'experience' of going to the boutique. ARGH!!!!!:Push:
  12. Do you take the South Shore, and if so, do you feel safe carrying your packages through the streets and riding it home? My husband wants to take it to Chicago, and said, only if we go to LV.:graucho:
  13. I get a rush buying online so it doesn't apply to me I guess. The wiating is a pain though.
  14. I love the rush of the chase, the fighting but not so much the waiting for buying online. Then again, I don't get to buy from eLux so only eBay for me !
  15. I get a bigger rush when I order online! I think it's from all the anticipation -- I'll track the package several times a day, get really excited when I see that it's been delivered, rush home to open it up...

    But I do agree that you should view the bag first, just in case it's different in real life than you expected.