Do you look forward to Valentines Day?


Do you look forward to Valentines Day?

  1. yes,and i'm in a relationship

  2. yes,and i'm not in a relationship

  3. no,and i'm in a relationship

  4. no,and i'm in a relationship

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  1. what do you think???:confused1: :confused1:
  2. Never celebrated the day before and don't expect it to happen anytime in the future. Guess it was never meant to be for someone like me.
  3. No I am on my own now so means nothing to me
    Have a look at your poll you have two of the same Im sure your last one should have been No & Im NOT in a relationship, that one would apply to me if there
  4. A really nice dinner out, I don't know if I will get anything or not, but at least I will finally have a place to take one of my best purses, I am always hesitant about taking them to work, too many careless people and the girls I work with are catty enough. LOL!
  5. Nope. Husband and I never saw a reason to celebrate our love on just one certain day..
    he did bring me gifts when I was a teenager.. but I don't care anymore.
  6. nope... never big on v days... i hate it when we're pressured to be more romantic in a certain day...
    i'm not a romantic person anyway, more skeptical :p
  7. I love Valentine's Day, I think it's great to send small gestures to friends and family. I always send valentines! You don't need to go overboard to make someone feel loved!
  8. Hell yeah! :lol: I'm making hubby breakfast in bed (brioche French toast, mmmmm) and he's making me a special dinner. No point in going out and facing the crowds in the city when we can be alone and cuddle here. I love sending Valentine's Day cards to my family, too. Sure, it's a Hallmark Holiday, but it's still fun to celebrate.
  9. yes, it's also our anniversary, so it's a special day
  10. Its our anniversary as its my favorite day in the world. However even when I was single I loved Valentines day!
  11. Lol..I care about it more than he does, but I just like all the candy and pinks and reds :lol:
  12. I'm not a big fan of Valentine's day. I think that it's become too much of a comercial holiday where too much money has to be spent to show how much you love your SO.

    Personally, I'm happy with getting nothing for Valentines day...I don't like to be treated like it is some sort of special day. You should be treating your SO as well as you do on valentines day, EVERY DAY!

    ...but, to lift the spirits this V-day, I did buy Bart a gift..He kind of mopes because I'm not "in the mood" all the time anymore (at the beginning of my pregnancy, he had to watch out for me, lol!) so I bought a "love coupon" book from Orion just to spice things up a bit and bring some fun back into our relationsihp:smile:
  13. i dont really care. i probably would if i had a relationship.
  14. I am not looking forward to it.
  15. I celebrate V-Day by passing out cards to my friends and small candies. This year my friends and I are having a V-Day party, for those in and out of a relationship.