do you look down on people who wear..

  1. push up/padded bras? like im just barely a b, not even, so the other day i pick up the secret embrace push up and padding bra. i like how i look much better.. but then i was reading this thing on audrey hepburn and how she dressed to compliment her swan like boy body, that she was totally comfortable and then it made me think..

    well what do you think?

    i have a weird metabolism and the whole boobage thing with weight is just so difficult for me, if i loose weight its not at my thighs or stomach where i was aiming, but my CHEST, the little that i have.

    what do you think?
  2. I see nothing wrong with it. I'm barely a B-cup, too. I love the water bras, they look fantastic!
  3. Personally I'm a full C so I have no need for a push up bra....but I would NEVER look down on anyone who wore one....lots of my friends wear them!! I say if you wanna wear one and it makes you feel good then all the power to you!! :biggrin:
  4. I agree. :yes:
  5. I feel like if you can TELL that it's some sort of total push-up padded bra, then it is not really serving its purpose. The whole point of those products (which I, as a barely A -- yes, I'm serious! -- definitely need) is to make it look like you naturally have curvier breasts. So if I can see that someone is obviously wearing some ill fitting padded bra, I wouldn't really think that was cool. But if I just noticed that thier boobs looked good (not that I go around looking, honest!) and they later told me it was because of a special bra, then I'd totally respect that:smile:
  6. oh wow, no way! Sometimes people's breast are bottom heavy {especially after breastfeeding} and need to help push up the bottom to fill out the top!
    Seriously, no issues w/ that!
  7. girl, i'm a D, and I wear a slightly padded bra.. like victoria secret ipex, but by Chantille (if you got big boobs, you gotta spend mulah on the bras). It kinda pushes it up and makes it look nice, plus when it gets cold, you don't see the headlights :lol: So my answer is no, no, no.
  8. ^word!

    I wish I could find demi-cups in DD, DH loves those! LOL!
  9. I totally agree. No one should look down upon anyone for what they wear. It's your life, your choice, your body, ROCK IT!
  10. Goodness, no!! I think you need to wear what makes you comfortable. I have the opposite problem; I am a little busty for my height (5'1, 38C) so I buy the "minimizer" bra.

    Victoria Secrets has a great IPEX push up bra. It is worth the trip to go try out several to see which one you like the best.
  11. No I don't look down on a decent bra, Do what flatters you and makes you feel confident! Girl.......GRAVITY affects us all!
  12. not at all!! I don't even look down on bad boob jobs...whatever makes a girl feel good about herself!
  13. no! i can't wear 'em or i look like a porn star, but i have no problem with other people wearing them
  14. Swanky mama, Wacoal sells nice ones but they're hard to find (i've been trying to search for them). Next time i goto buy bras, i'll be on the lookout for you! Chantille is a good one, too and le mystere (spell)
  15. Not really ! You gotta set your best assets forward. :graucho: