do you lock your luggage?

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  1. So I am having this discussion with my husband about our upcoming trip. He thinks I should not lock my luggage because the airport people will possibly cut the suitcase open (I have soft suitcase) if they want to check something. Especially in times like this .....

    I on the other hand, want to lock my luggage. I am planning on bringing extra handbags and am worried that the bags will get stolen (I have heard stories that people lost their jewelry going through airport security?)

    What do you gals do in this situation?
  2. You can buy locks that the airline people have universal keys to. Get those! That's what I used when I went to Europe.
  3. where can i get this from?
    is this like the regular locks or special locks?
  4. So then what is the point of the lock? :confused1: I just don't won't check anything I would really care to lose. Just my 2 cents. :yes:
  5. I never lock my suitcase because it's forbidden in Germany (Europe) to do so and they're allowed to cut the suitcase open and you have to pay a fee.
  6. Well yeah, carry on anything of value. The point of using the locks the airlines can open is so they don't CUT the bag open! That way you can still lock it... also some people do trust the airline people but not other passengers or are affraid of crooks, this would allow them to lock their bags and hope the airline people are honest. I bet if something was stolen and you told the airline that you had the bags locked so the only person who could get into them was their employees you'd have a better chance of getting your things paid for.
  7. I got mine at REI in seattle, but I'm sure they sell them at basicaly all travel stores.
  8. i always lock it when i'm flying international. my mom usually lets them inspect the baggage and then she has airport security lock the baggage for us so they know that we are not sticking anything else inside that hasn't been inspected. for domestic flights from la to SF, Vegas, or Chicago, i normally don't lock my bag and nothing has happened so far.
  9. Good point!
  10. thanks girls....
    it seems like i have to go to the luggage store tomorrow to get this lock. and maybe i should forget about bringing an extra handbag :sad:
  11. If you buy a lock for your luggage and use it, they will either just cut the lock off or they will use a master key to open it...I highly doubt they would cut open your suitcase, since that is destruction of personal property and they would then be responsible for buying you a new suitcase since there are no rules against putting locks on luggage.

    I don't lock my luggage. I use fishing string and tie the little holes where the locks go on the zippers shut. That way, I can see if they were in my luggage, and they can just cut the fishing string if they need to search! :smile:
  12. Can you carry an extra handbag on? I know women get a carry on plus a purse. Or have your husband count it as his carry on!
  13. thats what he said too... he is willing to carry 1 small one for me in his big laptop bag. thats okay tho....
    I just bring one.
    like urban fabulous said. i dont really trust random airport people. I assume the people who got the "searching job" have passed some sort of background check with no criminal record, so I am okay with them opening the luggage.
    but who knows....
  14. i used to always lock it but then they banned locking suitcases after 9/11 for a while and i never got back into the habit. but i got one of those new locks with my new laptop bag so i'll probably start again. i guess i'm a bit nuts but i had 4 handbags in my suitcase on my last flight :wtf: and it was all fine. i worry more about liquids spilling all over the place really.
  15. The locks do not prevent theft. Luggage locks are tiny, flimsy and easily broken by anyone interested in stealing something from you. Most of them are comical as far as security. And most theft is done by baggage handlers... nobody else has access to your luggage.
    Having said that, we used to lock our luggage anyway. We no longer do, b/c the last couple of times we flew, there were signs all over the airport telling you not to.