Do You Live With Slobs?


Feb 15, 2006
I am ready to stick hot needles in my eyes. Today is my day off (ha, a million things to do) and all I can do is look around me and shutter. I love my family but they are slobs. Where it falls, it lays. They will walk around "it", step over "it", step on "it" but never, ever, pick "it' up. Every room but the guest room is a mess. If they take a can of soda, the can stays just where it was finished.....doesn't matter how many times I've told the "queen" no food in the den. No one picks up after themselves. My house is about 3000 sq ft and I can't take care of it myself. Hubby always says "get help" but cleaners do the heavy stuff..they don't want to sort out one of the many piles of whatever Joe and Ari left all over the house. Joes closet is suppose to be the "Safe" room from hurricanes and tornados. The clothes he dumps on the floor has to be about 2 1/2 ft high at this point. He doesn't do his wash, he just buys more stuff :sad2:
Just venting......
I feel so sorry for you! I live with awful slobs.. their habits are so hideous I don't even want to write them out because I might vomit :biggrin:. Well okay I'll admit that im a perfectionist and I get annoyed and moody if anything is out of place etc, so I know it's hard to live with people that don't care about the state of their surroundings. I really don't have any advice for you (im sorry). I have tried to tell my family a gazillion times to tidy up etc-- but they still don't listen!! The way I can keep on living like this is to go to my own (clean and tidy) place where nobody else can come and I try to relax there. Maybe you could find a room (or even a tiny space) that you could make your own and relax there? :smile:
WOW- I think we may be related! I have slobs here too...I gave up trying to get them to clean up....its worthless!!!...Sometimes..I wonder if I should let their clothes pile up where they drop them...until they notice???!!! LOL!
my boyfriend is a psychotic perfectionist, lol. well, i shouldn't laugh because it's seriously hurting our relationship. i'm not particularly messy, just regular, but it drives him nuts when i leave my purse in the recliner instead of putting it on the table (which is the spot HE deemed appropriate for purse-laying) or if i wait until AFTER i finish eatting dinner to wash the dishes i used to make it. shudder the thought that i should wait until the next day...don't even get me started.
It is a challenge at my house! I do all the laundry and I hate it! It never ever ends! If I don't do it everyday (sometimes 2-3 loads per day) then it will pile up and I hate clothes all over. I am so sick of doing it- wish I had a maid!!! lol
OMG you guys, YES! haha and let me preface this by saying that I am a bit of a neat freak. However, I live with a married couple...friends of my husbands and they are sooo messy! I don't think they've vaccuumed the upstairs of our house ever! They've been living here since January. The dishwasher is right next to the sink they leave all their dirty dishes in, and yet they put all their pots they use in the dishwasher, god forbid if we need to use them, i guess we have to wait till they have been through cycle. Okay...I actually take them out and wash them and put them away so they get a clue, but they don't! I'm the only one to take out the garbage or clean the kitchen, living room, Sweep floors, etc. In other words, I'm the only one who cleans. I even empty out their trash can in their bathroom because they leave it overflowing and then my doggy grabs stuff out of it. EW! and the guy makes disgusting horking noises all day long which is probably what ends up in the tissues that maya chews on. *barf
I'll admit the bf is neater than I am most of the time :shame: I'm bad with leaving clothes on the floor or the bed. He does the dishes most of the time. I'm very anti-clutter, though. I like things to be organized, and I hate junk mail on the kitchen table! :suspiciou
Not a slob, but I do live with a husband that seems incapable of washing a sippy cup that has been sitting in the sink for a full day! He seems to "get" that the garbage needs to be taken out, but washing that stinking cup? Nope, goes right over his head!! ;)
I used to.. it was terrible. This roommate would just leave everything lying around or it would accumulate in her room. Didn't understand the concept of doing the dishes unless a sound tongue lashing was unleashed as well. She had this cup that myself and my other roommate called the "mold colony" since it was a coke can jammed into another cup, in yet another cup and in between those spaces, there was a green layer of spores. Her room smelled like death, just waking up to it in the morning got me running off to school. Her car was a danger zone, there would be half eaten food and garbage everywhere. This is only the surface of it as well.

I don't think I'm exactly the neatest, but at least I understand the concepts of hygene and bacterial growth !!
^^ i agree with ayla's last statement.

i'm not the neatest/tidiest person in the world either but most of the time i live alone and blame it on the fact that i really don't have to be considerate of anyone apart from me. When i know that someone is coming over, i do make a concerted effort to make the place presentable.
I'm pretty slobby, I tend to leave piles of clean washing piled on the sofa until I have time to iron them (every six months...)

I shouldn't say this because she's dead but my mother was a terrible slob/neat-freak all rolled into one. She'd roam around the house finding stuff that I had made unclean (ie, my room and the handbasins) but she piled plastic bags, uneaten food that went bad in the fridge and cardboard everywhere else. It must have been OCD or something because she spent hours and I do mean hours, pre-washing then washing my dad and my clothes because we inexplicably "soiled" them by wearing them, as well as the dishes we used to eat in.

Now the house is reasonably messy but I can invite people and not feel too ashamed of the state of the place :lol:
My husband and daughter are fine, but my son is a slob. You can hardly walk through his room. I gave up on his room years ago. He doesn't really get the rest of the house messy except with schools books and such.