Do you live a "croc life"???

  1. Thinking about Genie croc wishes and other gorgeous bags... :love:

    Does croc H work in your life? Do you have a croc life? Would croc "work" in your life context???

    I don't think I live a croc life...too casual... :shrugs: I think the only croc I might carry would be the jige...a funky little clutch... :yes:

    Maybe a kelly...maybe...but I am afraid she would sit in her box and cry...

    Hmmm...I don't know... If you own/covet often do you/would you carry them??? Special occasion, every day, related circumstances???
  2. I do! I do! I do! (S'Mom waving wildly). could lead a more casual lifestyle than me unless they lived on a farm in the middle of the country! I don't even get a chance to "dress" for work since we have one of the most casual work places around. And yet, I tote vintage Croc Kelly as much as I can.....granted she doesn't go to the grocery store or Costco or the dry cleaners with me but there are plenty of other places she goes.

    I think you can totaly wear croc with a casual lifestyle. I mean, I wear jeans 95% of the time. Pair that with a white shirt or T, a belt, a pair of nice shoes or boots and that all you need to do. I throw on pearls sometimes or a scarf but that's it.

    Think about it, SoCal. I think you could do it too. Honest!
  3. SoCal, I've a black croc birkin. And she's only been out of the house ONCE since I got her a few months ago. And that's mainly because I don't work and am dressed casually most of the time.

    I would definitely take her out more often if there are opportunities to do so. I was ever asked why I don't use her everyday :sweatdrop: and my answer was "and to be misunderstood as wanting to be one-up above all the birkin-toting ladies in the house?" I am very conscious of this.

    So, it's definitely special occasions only for me.
  4. I don't own H croc (yet :love: ) but can't wait until I do!

    I am a jeans kinda gal too, after successfully hauling my butt outta a high profile office wearing suits everyday. Funny thing is, I feel MORE appropriate now!

    I have haircalf messengers for meetings, and gator or croc everything from watches to belts to wallets. And I LOVE the look of a luxurious exotic skin next to jeans. It kind of whispers "I have class, no matter WHAT I'm wearing!"

    That said, I will have to wait on getting my croc Kelly... but my life is already ready for her!!
  5. i dont have a croc H bag yet...but hopefully going to get one soon...
    depends on the bag..i think croc birkin is quite practical...i goes with everything...if it's a kelly, i'll probably dress myself up a what i'm doing with all my kellys
    once i get my black croc birkin 35..i'm going to wear it every single day! to uni, to work, go shopping~~all the time~
  6. I don't use mine. I guess I just got it have it.:shrugs:
  7. Maybe one day...just not now.

    I only use my vintage croc/gator bags of non-H. They give the little pop and they are really inexpensive! Actually, I need to downsize my collection. I can't use them all like I should.
  8. ooohhh, whenever my SO kelly croc arrives (who knows when) - i'll carry her to death! on second thought, the kelly size i got was a 28 sellier black with GH - more for evenings out and brunch. maybe cocktail parties....oh well. it won't stop me for carrying it whenever i get the chance!
  9. PAZT....mine is 28 Sellier with Gold too and it's the perfect size, IMO. I think Croc looks best in a smaller bag!
  10. ^^^No Croc. (watch the spelling:graucho: ) for me in my life...YET.

    DH has lots of CROC belts, but not Hermes....this may change in the future. I want a little croc in the future, but don't know what yet. I stay home and don't think I would have too many opportunities to use it:sad: , but would LOVE to have some CROC in my life in the future:p
  11. i know D, i'm thinking if i've spent that much on a croc bag - i might as well make my $$ worth! i'll carry it to death, irregardless of what occasion! LOL :nuts:
  12. Hmmm...perhaps I am more of a croc shoe girl...I love exotic shoes...have lizard, croc, and gator Manolos and one chocolate ostrich slingback... I do think I am more comfortable with exotics in "small packages"...maybe the jige would be the "right" croc H for me...traditional leathers in my 35 cm "workhorse" favorites...
  13. Croc is amazing and can be used all the time! I'm wishing for Croc Key Holder! :smile:

  14. You'll be so surprised what you can fit in that bag, PAZT! Don't worry. I stash my Bern, keys, cell, makeup bag, Vision Agenda, pen, loose papers and a small coin purse. It holds quite a bit.....and it's the PERFECT size for day to evening. Perfect!
  15. I totally agree. I live a very casual lifestyle now after years of having to always wear skirted suits and hose ... in Texas, wearing hose in August is just miserable.

    I have a black matte croc that I tote everywhere as long as I am not wearing shorts. I think that pairing that bag with jeans and even just a tailored tee is such a classic look. Perhaps I would be less apt to wear the bag as much if it were not matte, true, but I find that it goes with everything. Besides, after spending such a pretty penny on the bag, I am not going to leave it at home. I did that in the beginning of my Hermes collecting days, almost afraid to take my Birkins to the grocery, traveling, etc because I was afraid they would get beat up. No more. Now I can't be without them and I try to rotate them everyday so that they do wear evenly. I feel like a kid in a candy store selecting which colour gets taken out for a walk that day!

    My next dream bag: a violet shiny 30 or 35! Heaven!