do you listen to music

  1. while you surf the net?
    If so what are you listening to right now!

    I've got my itunes on and listening to
    Outside by Aaron Lewis and Fred Durst
    very cool song!!!!!!
  2. sometimes i do, but most of the time i have the tv on.
  3. I'm listening to Frog Eyes, Masticated Outboard is the song.
  4. Natasha Bedingfield
  5. Duke Ellington, at the moment,but it was Gwen Steffani just before. This is quite revealing!
  6. at the moment, i'm just listening to Jack Johnson - Bushfire fairytales... as i surf the PF tonight... it makes me sleepy!!! hehehe!
  7. I usually have my Sirius internet radio on.....typically Howard Stern is on for talk radio (right now)....normally I have #1 hits on for music...and my Cd of choice while surfing has been Pink's new CD.
  8. i usually do, but i listen to random songs...they make me stay awake!:biggrin:
  9. Yes I :heart: music... curently im listening to Hello Again- The Cars =D
  10. I'm listening to the new Keane CD right now.
  11. We have the radio on. I'm listening to Rhianna - SOS. I used to love this song, but I can't stand it anymore. The song just changed to U2-Beautiful Day
  12. Nelly Furtado's Maneater.. it's a song after my own heart ! :graucho:
  13. Right this second i'm listening to Trina.
  14. I always listen to music when I'm on the computer. I am currently listening to Placebo - Because I Want You

  15. I used to love SOS,but ive gotten tired of listening to it also!.
    Currently im listening to the remix of Permiscuous Girl -Nelly Furtado