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  1. Hi, this is my first post on the Marc Jacobs forum. :smile: I need opinion on this iPad bag. Do you think it looks tacky carrying it cross body and still carry my handbag? I don't want to look tacky carrying two bags. Using this iPad bag by itself for the iPad and my essentials is not an option since this bag would not hold all the things I need.

    Anyone own this? It feels heavy on me.
  2. I don't own this but I personally would not buy it. It is kind of weird to have two bags to carry, but I also feel that the bag is too expensive for what it's meant for (a trendy electronic). I would just buy a nice iPad case that I can carry in my bag.
  3. I have one in coral, BUT I don't own an IPad :amuse: I just use it as a crossbody. Since I don't have an IPad I can't speak to how much it will hold with it in there, but I am able to get a surprising amount in it. Can you check it out IRL?
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    I would not want to carry 2 purse-looking bags.
  5. Let me apologize for not welcoming you in before giving my opinion.

    So WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!! ;)
  6. Sorry......I just realized I made a typo on my thread's title. I meant to say 'like' and not 'link'.
  7. Thanks for your input. I know, it does seem weird with two bags even though one is an iPad bag. The price doesn't bother too much as I can always carry it as a regular cross-body bag. But if it think of it as exclusively an iPad bag, then yes, it is very expensive.
  8. I actually bought the bag and received it two days ago. I like it, but again, it feels weird with two bags, and when I put the iPad in, it was very heavy. Now, I'm thinking about returning it. What I like about it is, it allows me to be hand-free unless the regular iPad cases.
  9. Thank you. :smile:

    Yes, you're right about carrying two bags. I don't like it either. But at the time I ordered it, it didn't cross my mind. :thinking:
  10. If I were you, I would buy a bag that have room for all of your every-day-things, instead of wearing two bags :smile: The bag looks nice though!