Do you line the bottom of your eyes?

  1. Or just the top? If you do the bottom do you just do the waterline/lower rim, or under that as well?

    I line my waterline with white liner and use a shadow liner below it in brown.
  2. I don't line my bottom line because I am afraid of wrinkles. LOL
  3. I line with bronze or brown underneath and top and put shu uemura gold pencil in the inner rim sometimes. I haven't done the white eyeliner thing in years, may give it a go again.
  4. I line top and waterline. It irritates my contacts.
  5. :confused1: I've not heard this before. Please explain.

    To answer the question: Yes, I do, but not all the way in to the inner corner.
  6. If you use a good liner brush, you won't tug at the skin and get wrinkles.
  7. I do, with a silver liner, not the lash line but the lower rim
  8. I used to line the lower lid, but now I usually only line the top. When I use eyeliner, which isn't often anymore.
  9. I happen to not have any wrinkles under my eyes and think it has a lot to do with not lining my lower eyes. I rarely put mascara on my lower lids either. Plus I also think lining the lower line makes the eyes look smaller too. JMO
  10. I don't know about the wrinkles thing, but I do think that lining top and bottom does make eyes look smaller. However, lining both top and bottom looks great on girls with large eyes. Sadly, not me...
  11. Top only, I can never get the bottom to look right no matter what I do.
  12. I always do the bottom, because my lower eyelashes are nearly non-existent. I do the lower rim in brown.
  13. I don't have wrinkles either and I line under my eyes. I was told to use a very good liner brush and put my pencil liner on it and then line. I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes either. I'm sure it does make some gals eyes look smaller, but I think a lot of gals could benefit from lining under their eyes. Using a good eye cream helps with wrinkles, too. ;) Just a suggestion!!
  14. Sometimes just the lower part (when I'm wearing shimmery eyeshadows). If I line the insides, my eyes will itch!
  15. When I DO use eye makeup I use light blue on the waterline- a tip I learned from Princess Diana, of all people. I guess she used to do this to make the whites of her eyes brighter.