Do you like...

  1. What do you guys think. Also, if anyone own these manolos, are they comfortable?
  2. I don't own them but wish I did! I think they are a fun & sexy twist on the Mary Jane. Love it!
  3. Gorgeous!!!
  4. I have them. I find them very comfortable :tup:
  5. very cute! i would get them if i wore heels more and found a sale! :smile:
  6. LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! wish I had them!!
  7. I owned the Campiby in both black and beige patent a while back. They are very cute! I think they are on sale at (had black, beige, and teal), but sizes are limited and Barneys is not very reliable during sales season. I have never seen this style on sale until and when NM put them on sale during their special 30% promotion, but I think they are worth it even at full retail. They are very stylish and classic IMO. Get them! :smile: