Do You Like Your Job?

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  1. I'm so grateful for the job I've got, but I swear I'm in a funk or something, I just feel like I'm dragging at work. I've been in-house at a large corp for 2 years now, it used to feel so fulfilling, but now I feel constrained and stagnant I guess, is anyone else feeling bleh at work?
  2. i'm a totally geek/nerd... i totally love my job! i don't even call it a job... i just call it a thing i do everyday!

    i'm really sorry to hear that you dont feel fulfilled in your job... i think thats the worst when you feel "bleh" coz it just makes ya wonder, "y the heck am i still working here?"

    thats y i left my old job and got a new one! :amuse:
  3. i really like my job, even though i'm a lowly part-time salesperson at best buy. my managers appreciate me, everyone in the store is really nice, and the customers are largely easy to deal with. sorry you're not having such fun at yours :-/ time for a change, maybe?
  4. i don't have a job, my bf insists that i concentrate on school...but sometimes i get sooo bored i wish i kind of had a job to go to. i think i'm going to take up a hobby instead to pass time.
  5. Some days it's ok and I'm even in a great mood to go to work, some days I want to shoot myself and I can't stand it.
    Overall, it's alright. I'm glad to have it.
  6. I do like my job- NOW! About 3 months ago I left a job I had been at nearly 4 years. My bosses were totally unappreciative, and just not nice people. My hubby, family and friends were telling me to leave for years, but I'm not a "quitter" by nature so I couldn't bring myself to do it. Well, last October the straw finally broke the camel's back. I resigned by email and walked out with NO NOTICE! Sooo not me, but it had to be done for my emotional and physical well-being. Anyway, my new boss is a sweetheart, pays me what I deserve, and lets me know I'm appreciated. Maybe it's time for something new?! Go for it!!
  7. It's okay, but I'm just a student working part time anyways, so my real career is yet to come !
  8. I love my job!!!! I am a court reporter but I do not work in a courtroom. I do Examinations Before Trial so every day I am somewhere different working on different cases. One day I'll be in the Bronx on an accident case, the next day I could be in Queens on a rape case, etc. I meet a lot of different people and I get a little slice of life every day. Years ago I had a 9 to 5 job and hated it. I got sick of being in the same place with the same people doing the same thing.
  9. Well I can honestly say I have found my niche in terms of my job. I love it !! I am a stylist and Designer for the local Soap Operas. (channel 2 ) Modeling agencies in Manhattan & MTV. So I work in fashion 5/6 days a week with some great people.

    Im just sad to hear that B.L.M your having a hard time.
  10. haha my job is completely stressful, and office politics are horrible, but the only good thing, the day flies by. sometimes it can be fun, other times i hate it there. i guess it's ok...
  11. that is an amazing job! i've always wanted to try my hand at something like that.what soaps do you style if you don't mind me asking? i'm so hooked on y&r haha
  12. Such great thoughts! I don't know, I feel like I should love it, it's what I worked so hard for we'll see.
  13. What sort of job do you have?

    and, I like my job juust fine, but it's only a part-time one. :smile:

    I'm planning on getting into the wonderful world of either PR or Advertising when I graduate, so I'm preparing for a fast-paced super competetive field. :smile: hopefully I can handle it, hah.

    PS. Pradasmeadow, your job sounds like SO much fun! :smile:
  14. i've always wanted to be a stylist. when i worked at the courthouse, my boss used to always tell me that i should quit school and become one because he thought i always looked very stylish. i don't know how one even gets into that kind of work. seems like a dream job to me.
  15. We'll find out in 2 years when I get my MD, lol! Right now it's a love-hate relationship. I love the subject matter and studying itself, it's the teachers and stupid grade-school-like assignments that piss me off! We are not children, geez! :smile:

    I've always wanted to be a super rich stay-at-home mom who dabbles in art and music in her free time. Kind of like a super-rich free reign geisha. :smile: