Do you like your job ?

  1. and why ???
    I feel like I have a good "job title" but on the daily tasks and projects I am given I am soooo bored, it´s not funny I just execute without thinking too much (sad for a creative person:crybaby: ) and I keep an eye on the PF and the clock. I only work 7 hrs a day but it still seems sooo long.
    So I´d like to know if you guys enjoy or not your job, and why......
    For different reasons I can´t go and look for another job now, so if you are in the same situation how do you cope ??
  2. My job right now is being a full-time, stay-at-home Mom. Sometimes, I wonder why I ever took this job.....most of the time I feel so blessed that God gave me these two beautiful children to help put into the world. This is by far the HARDEST job I have ever had or done. I strive to be the best I can be, although, sometimes it's not always easy. But, if given the chance to choose again, I am sure that I would do exactly the same thing. It's a hard job, but I love it.
  3. tr444,

    I agree you have a hard job, but the most important job on earth! I was a stay at home mom for a year, and I know it's definitely not a an easy job.

    I am definitely not enjoying my job. My work is very adverserial, perfection and quick turnaround are expected for the high rates that we charge and work is around the clock. NEED A NEW JOB!!
  4. I'm a SAHM of 3 under 5 including 2 yr twin boys and a DH that travels 3-4 days/week {overnight}.

    I wouldn't trade my 'job' for any other in the world!

    DH agrees, he doesn't want my job either! LOL!
  5. Yes. Which is why I'm trying to get an assistant teaching position at the moment. But I cope by coming right now!:upsidedown: (Thank god I have my own office for this.) hahaha
  6. No because there's no room for advancement and title means nothing really in the company I work with (tiny company). It's a job though and I gotta work so I'm still here.
  7. Love my job. It's fulfilling and I can't complain about the pay. The major drawback is the hours.
  8. i work for the govt. i'll never be passionate about it, but its not a bad gig. i have a nice office, a few good people around me, and a pretty stress free environment. sometimes things are a little dull, but all in all, its a pretty nice place to work.
  9. My job title is "Office Manager" but I am the only person who works in my office. I manage a satellite office for a tanker trucking company based 3 hrs away from here. I am basically paid just to be here. The phone might ring once or twice a day and I answer it. My bosses in the other office send me faxes and emails and I pass the info along to the truck drivers who are based out of this location. I have about 15 min. worth of paperwork I do each morning and the rest of the day I spend surfing the net and goofing off. I work 5 hrs. a day Mon-Fri. I am pretty sure I have the most boring job ever, but working 9-2 each day is awesome if you have a kid in school from 8-3. And I can miss work any time I need to without even having to call in. I am pretty lucky I guess.
  10. I love my job. My boss is awesome and that's 99 percent of the reason why I enjoy what I do.
  11. Yes, but I am interviewing with hope to move on. I find it will be a good thing to leave knowing I've made a great contribution where I am right now and have built up exactly what I wanted to do. Now, it's time to find a new challenge!
  12. For a part-time job, my job is excellent. My bosses are wonderful as are the people I work with. It's easy work and I enjoy it.
  13. not at the moment, because of the ppl i have to work with :sad:
  14. NO NO NO. That's why I'm desperately seeking a new one. If you know of one, let me know. I'm willing to relocate!
  15. There are days that I hate my job and want to kill many, many people (well, figuratively speaking... I'm not actually the murderous type!) but for the most part I love it. I'm a middle school Language Arts teacher, so I get to do new things every single day, plus my "office" (ok, classroom...) has windows on the entire right side of the room. I love sitting at (or on) my desk and staring out at the tree while imagining a class full of well-behaved children working quietly (which I don't think exists!).

    What I don't really like about it are all the nights that I am up until 2 or 3am grading essays only to have the kids throw them into the trash the next day without even reading all of the comments I slaved over. Makes you feel like you did all that work and forwent sleeping for no reason at all. But, all in all, gotta love those cRaZy middle-schoolers! :noggin: