Do you like your Goyard Crossiere

  1. I have a Fidgji in Green that I absolutely love. I haven't stopped carrying it since I got it in February. But I'd love the burgundy in another style for the fall. Do you like your Crossiere? I'm 5'1, so I'm a little worried about the size, plus the Fidgji is so flexible and smushy, I'm not sure I'd like the rigid structure of the crossiere. Let me know what you think! And pics please! I'd love to see if anyone has a burgundy with stripes!
  2. Burgundy is gorgeous! I don't have a Croissiere (yet!) but it is such a great bag!!! :tup:
  3. Oh, that bag is on my list! It's yummy! I'm 5ft and a quarter inches If I can rock that back, surely YOU can! And the Burgandy is my dream color! You can jazz it up with different scarves and make it a year round bag! LOVE that!
  4. hey, i am a guy and i have the croisiere 45 in black and i really love it. my sister has the same height as you and she got the fidji as well but she is also thinking of getting the croisiere in 35 and i don't think it is going to look too big for you, if you remove the base by the way, it can be a little "smushy" or a little flatter...that's what i do. i have a pic but not along your specs...haha...go! buy the croisiere! it is really really nice! hehe...