Do you like your family?

  1. I'm quite lucky in that I really like all my extended family bar one, and we see them a lot. My close family I don't really feel I know as much as I should, but I get on with them for the majority of the time.
  2. my extended family is far from drama-free (my mom's cousins are all suing each other over a condo with a private beach in florida right now...) but i can say that generally, they're a hoot! i like being around them, my mom's and dad's family are quite different culturally and they're really an interesting cast of characters.
  3. i love my immediate family like nothing else, by that I mean parents, hubby and son - I mean I have been hanging out most of the year with parents and it was just the best ever :smile:, only topped if hubby had been here.

    I am ok with my brother most of the times, but we live different lives,which is ok. the extended family - I have got a huge one and some are just great and others I am ok with but don't need to be in constant contact. 'drama' would be the right word!
  4. My distant family(Aunt's, Uncle's, Grandpa) basically raised me. I get along with them very well, unfortunately they are in Ohio and I am in Nevada:sad:. My Mom....when we dont live together(We havent in 3 years) we get along great aside from the occasional disagreement, which mostly stems from her being too damn nosy! haha. When we DO live together...WATCH OUT! Its like WW3 goign on 24/7.
  5. That pretty much sums up my relationship with my mom perfectly. I get along fairly better with my dad (less fighting), but at the same time that might be because we don't have as intimate a relationship as my mom and I. My brother and I get along great; I would probably consider him one of my best friends.

    Extended family dad's side is too much drama for me to deal with, and my mom's side is totally MIA most of the time. I generally get along with my immediate cousins though, despite not knowing them very well. My distant cousins are more 'family' to me than some of my immediate ones I would say, since we're very close and get along great.
  6. Like some, dislike others, probably like most families. My sister and I are extremely close; we used to fight when we were growing up. Excellent relationships with younger son, his wife, grandson, 2 of my nieces. Good relationship with other son and his wife but not all that close. DH's family--except for an uncle & aunt, I have minimal contact with them. Don't like father-in-law and most of the in-laws. They're nuts, IMO. One niece has chosen to estrange herself from everyone.

    I used to think I could change the dynamics, but now I just accept it and avoid the people who are toxic.
  7. i love my mum and dad more than anything in the world, and we get on great. they're more like friends than parents.
    i'm also close to my sister, she's my best friend in the whole world!
    i also have 12 aunts, 12 uncles, 2 grandmothers, 1 great grandmother, 2 grandfathers and 41 cousins! (we're Irish and Catholic, lol!) we're a big family so it's hard to keep in touch, but xmas, easter and birthdays everybody gets together without fail! I wouldnt swap any of them!
  8. My immediate family unit has always been really close. My parents still expect us over for lunch every Sunday. If you cannot make it, you better have a good excuse! I know I can depend on them for anything.
  9. OMG- are you kiddin we are MEXICANS .... so I guess sometimes I do..... not when we get ALL together for partys, quinces, xmas, etc. is a CHAOS.....
  10. Well, I love my Dad, my Grandmother (his mom), and my sister...maybe an aunt on my Mom's side.

    My Mom's side of the family is kind of catty. They can be really mean and nasty sometimes (even my Grandmother, Mom's mom, is getting mean). Family gatherings can be unbearable at times.

    My Mom as of late isn't on my good side, either. She's been very selfish and rude to me over the last 2 years. I'm the caretaker for my 92 year old Grandma (dad's mom), and she (grandma) has called me 4 times in two hours today to ask when my parents will be home from their vacation. I finally just had to call my Mom to ask her so she'd stop calling me to ask, and I got yelled at by my Mom for "interrupting her vacation" and now she's extended it by three days because of that. This leaves me with very little money because I work for my Dad (by his choice) and was supposed to be paid today but they decided not to come back, so yeah I'm SOL now. My Mom has had four vacations this year so far. I've had one vacation in the last four years. Today was one of the last straws, I really am tired of her and am considering canceling the first vacation in I've had in years and just up and leaving to go somewhere with just SO; she was originally supposed to be going with us. I really don't think I want to deal with her for a week while I'm trying to chill. I love her, but she's making it really hard lately.

    Dad's extended side of the family is really, really religious, and I'm atheist, so I have issues with them.
  11. it is funny, the ones i love the most...i see the least

    the ones i can't stand, they always seem to want to come around for something

    i guess i love the ones that have happy satisfying lives, the miserable ones keep bothering us..insisting we get together, when that is the last thing i want to do
  12. Where do i start.....
  13. I'm very lucky in that I get on very well with all my immediate family, extended family AND my in- laws and that extended family too.

    I won't say that some of them don't annoy me at times - because they do. Also, there are certain aspects of some of them that I don't like but it would be boring if everybody was the same.

    The only thing is that I am completely different from my 2 brothers and sister. If I wasn't so much like my Mum you wouldn't think I was part of the same family as them.

    Also, I envy other peoples relationships with their sisters (I think that is why I like the TV series 'Charmed' so much) because I am 36 this year and my sister will be 51!!! I was only 5 when she got married and left home so we are not very close, and have never shared the usual 'sisterly chats or things'.

    My parents are my best friends and I see them at least once a week and speak to them probably twice or three times every week.
  14. I much prefer the company of my extended family to that of my immediate family.

    However, that said, my sister unexpectedly passed away 6 weeks ago and there is nothing in this world I would not give to have her back.
  15. I love my mom and dad more than anything in this whole world, they are everything to me. They are my best friends and the greatest most inspiring people i have ever met. MY brother is also very close with me as well and i love him dearly. My extended family on my fathers side i am very close with i love my grandmother to death as well as aunts uncles and cousins, on my others side they are all over the place so we are not as close