Do you like your chili hot or mild?

  1. Mild. I want flavor, not the destruction of my tastebuds.
  2. mild
  3. hot Hot HOT!
  4. Hot! Mild is boring... but I live in TX and love jalepenos, so....
  5. I usually like things spicy but for chili, I like mild.
  6. Hot!
  7. I dont like it too hot where all i can taste is heat but i do like it to have a bite to it.
  8. HOT! :okay:
  9. Blistering hot is best!
  10. hot!!
  11. mild, maybe slightly spicy, but if food is too spicy I can't hardly eat it.
  12. Moderately spicy.
  13. Mild so I can still taste the food!
  14. Hot! And then I add onions! Watch out!!!
  15. Both! I'm greedy.