Do you like your body?


Do you like your body?

  1. I love my body! I love being a woman

  2. I hate it and am very unhappy with my body

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  1. This thread was inspired by the many posts I see where it seems the majority of women seem to have hang-ups about their body. I can't help but feel a little saddened by this. Women should embrace their femininity, so why are so many so miserable with their bodies?

    My question:

    * Do you love your body? Are you happy with it?

    * If not, WHY not?

    I'm really interested to see why women put themselves down so much. It seems most men don't even see half the "flaws" that women do, so why are women so obsessed about their bodies?
  2. Arrr, no I'm not happy with my body, but have just learned to accept it over the years. I have very small breast (34b), wide hips, big butt and skinny legs. I can NEVER find jeans that fit and the padded bras are hopeless.
  3. Sometimes I like my body and sometimes I don't. The times when I don't like it, it's usually after I've flipped through a fashion magazine, passed by a men's magazine like Maxim in the grocery store, etc. What I'm trying to say is there's usually some kind of outside influence that reminds me that my body isn't "good enough".

    But my boyfriend tells me he loves my body and think's it's beautiful, so it must be mostly in my head. And I agree 100% with your statement that most men don't see all the little flaws that we women do! I think women are much harder on ourselves and other women than men are.
  4. Depends on which day you ask. I'm skinny, so some days I want curves. Then other times, I like "YES!, I can eat whatever I want!" I drive my BF crazy all the time with this.
  5. I haven't liked my body since I was around 15 years old. When I was younger, I always had an extremely fast metabolism. Could eat whatever I wanted and it would never show. I was a late bloomer and puberty set in around 15...that's when I just started putting on weight. Not a lot of weight, but it all went in the wrong places---my hips. So it made me look bigger when really I was average. I still have larger hips but my breasts balance them out (38 D). However I'm still going to the gym and doing cardio in hopes of getting rid of the excess fat on them. I'm also short wasted so really all you see on me are boobs and then hips, to me it looks like I have no middle. I'm not even going to go there about the cellulite on my butt. That's like opening a whole other book. Sad though, because I've had it since I was young and I don't know's really bad though.

    Nothing a little exercise can't fix though. I didn't figure that out until my 20's. Maybe this all could have been avoided!!
  6. I lost 10 lbs this summer. I couldn't be happier!!
  7. I like some parts of it & hate some other parts.
    Overall I'm glad that I have a body that can take any amount of food (which means I can pig out couple times a week) without noticable difference. I'm pretty much still the same size as when I was in 7th or 8th grade.. just a bit more curvy.

    But my tummy is my problem area, it gets bloated very.very fast. I used to have flat stomach up until I was 20 or 21, now it only flat in the morning before breakfast. Which means.. bye bye fitted tank tops

    and I have severe acne in back back since I was 15 or so.. genetics.. tried everything.. nothing works.
    Also a lot of acne in my forehead :cursing: (at least the rest of my face is acne free)

    and my live-in BF is not interested in me anymore :crybaby: (I think).. b/c I'm getting chubbier as the years goes by...:crybaby:
  8. No, not too happy with it, though, I am in the best possible shape I can be in. It's just the way I'm made. One of my sisters has my odd shape too. This summer my teenage nieces came to visit from out of state and sure enough the pattern was passed down to them too.
  9. I am very satisfied with my body. I don't compare myself to other women. I will never be a Victoria's Secret model, so why dry myself crazy. Women need to stop comparing themselves to the photoshopped, airbrushed, pictures they see everywhere. Nobody is perfect.

    I have noticed that the majority of my female friends are very hard on themselves. I don't get it. Low self-esteem is such a turn off. I always tell them, if you don't love you, then who will. Then they tell me that's easy for me to say. My friends are always talking about getting plastic surgery when I think they look perfectly fine. I am personally scared of plastic surgery. I have a fear that I will be a statistic of awful plastic surgery.

    I have enough confidence in myself that NEVER in my life have I ever asked anyone if I look fat, whether it be boyfriends or girlfriends. I have a mirror, I know what looks good on me. If I get bloated, I dress differently not to draw attention to it. Make the best of what you got.
  10. It depends. Some days, when I get compliments from guys or I see guys checking me out, I feel great and I couldnt be happier. Or when I go shopping and find a dress or a shirt or some pants that make me look great, i feel great. Then other days, I look in the mirror and im like GOD MY BUTT AND MY THIGHS ARE HUGE. or I walk past a store window and think i look ginormous...

    idk..overall, i dont absoloutley completely HATE it, but I definantly dont LOVE it....if that makes sense?
  11. Usually I'm happy with myself, but sometimes there are things that I want to change. There should be an "in the middle' option on the poll.
  12. Well, I don't actually hate my body, but after menopause, my boobs grew to enormous proportions (from 34C to 38D), and I really didn't gain much weight. Everyone who hasn't seen me in a while (including my own brother) accused me of having a boob job. Believe me, I do not want bigger boobs. So, even when I lose 10 pounds, they kind of are still there. So, I can honestly say, I don't hate my body, but I would like to go back to the way I was in the boobage department.
  13. I'm fairly happy only minor changes, I've come to term with a lot of things over time now it's not so much about hating my body but hating the way clothes are made.
    I don't like low trousers/jeans that are the only thing you seem to be able to buy. Proportions are weird if they fit my hips thery are huge on my waist & I'm not that out of balance, I have big boobs but bra's don't fit well even when I get measured it's not the size it's the cut.

    Obviously some days I feel like a big fat mess but in general I'm pretty happy
  14. I'm usually happy, but would like to lose about 15 lbs that I put on a few years ago. I was most happy when I was hiking a lot. I felt strong, and I appreciated the fact that my body was just an amazing machine that could take me on 15 mile hikes. I have never been happy with my huge calves and big chest. I think they make me look larger than I really am.
  15. I am getting there to my ideal bod! 10 lbs lost, 10 more lbs to go for a skirt size 4 with a 5'4" height!