Do you like your bedford?

  1. I really love the look of the bedford, but am afraid I won't like it once I get it!
  2. it's looks like a nice bag. It won't got out of date quickly, if at all! HAve you seen it IRL?
  3. :flowers: :yes: You and I are on the same page today LOL! I tried on the bedford at LV~ was hard to get into and was real close to underarm. I like a longer strap as I have a 2 year old and bb on the way... just FYI
  4. I had one and I sold it. I found it too impractical to use, just nice to look at.
  5. I have and I love it in the framboise, I can see my panda rond hanging off it, but since I usually like bigger bags, I am worried the I will regret it.

    Cute, but not very functional?
  6. It looks slim in the pictures, (I haven't seen it IRL) I wonder if anyone can say how much they fit in it?
  7. I had 2 bedford. It´s beautiful but not very good to used.
  8. Hehe, I see that you also posted about the Reade PM...and coincidentally, I have both of these bags in framboise! :P If you'd like a comparison pic between the 2 bags, let me know.

    I love the shape of the Bedford, but it is a pain to get into since the zipper area is so tight. It fits a lot and can get heavy...I also don't think it's a shoulder bag. The straps aren't long enough for it to be one. Also, it's rather bulky and I found myself bumping into things with it when I was in a rush to go somewhere!
  9. It's a beautiful bag, if you don't mind to scratch your hand everytime you try to get your hand into the bag then go for it.
  10. Elle, that would be great. I am trying to decide between the reade pm, bedford, houston and brentwood. My head says houston or brentwood, but my heart is saying bedford or reade
  11. That's what I would say. :biggrin: I bought one and sold it because it wasn't getting that much use. I LOOOVE my Reade PM though, I get tons of use out of it!
  12. Oh, in that case...I would recommend the Brentwood! Though I haven't tried it on before, it looks like the most versatile out of all the Vernis pieces you listed. The Houston is easy to get into and fits everything, but I just wish the straps were a bit longer.

    I've attached 2 pics of what the Reade PM can hold and another pic of the Houston, Reade, and Bedford together. Hopefully these pics will help you decide which bag to get!
    IMG_3173.JPG IMG_3175.JPG IMG_3177.JPG
  13. Thanks so much Elle, I really appreciate it! The reade holds so much more than I thought. I can't believe how similar our tastes are! I have the mc agenda, but in white, the charms cles, but in mocha, and chanel sunnies too. Love your chanel wallet and phone!

    I am thinking I could get the reade and a charms cles in fushia :smile:
  14. i have two Bedfords, and i love them both :love:. they're a little hard to get into, but after a while you get used to it, and they can hold a lot too :yes:
  15. I have the Peppermint one and it's not my favorite. My mom had surprised me with it when they came out but I'm glad I didn't return it because of the color being discontinued. Anyway it's hard to get into and I don't feel that my things are organized as well as I'd like in there. Also, the shape tends to be somewhat cumbersome. It's a beautiful style but just not really practical for me.
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