do you like wristlets?

  1. i have a coach, the sak, rafe ny and MbyMK. i love them all... most esp my the sak and MbyMK. do you like/love it?
  2. I adore my Coach one:sweatdrop:it holds my girlie(cycle)stuff
  3. I love it!!! I really want the pleated one from Miu Miu or an MJ.. Practical and adorable!
  4. Yes i love it!
  5. i love it too! i have a coach, rafe for target, the sak and i owned an mk wristlet but returned it coz i'm back to my big bag phase
  6. I don't own a true wristlet, never seen any I liked. The one small bag I do use is my LV Trunks and Bags mini pouchette.
  7. i love my coach wrislet =]
  8. I don't own one yet, but am very tempted to get one for when i go out at night.
  9. not a fan cause it doens't hold enough for me, i need big bags ><
  10. I love the idea of wristlets...I think there are so many cute ones but I just don't seem to have use for them. I've tried...
  11. I have 3 in my purse. One holds makeup, one holds credit cards and I.D., and the other holds pens, keys pictures etc. It makes it very easy to change bags quickly. Mind you until TPF I had never heard of the Chamelion so maybe that is something I should consider!
  12. I have an old DB one and a coach one... I love them.
    plus i have a no-brand one that holds random stuff i my purse like nail file, tide to go pen, tylenol packets, etc..
  13. I have a Coach that I used to use all of the time- I'm using it as my makeup bag in my purse right now. I want another one- the tunlock maybe?- I think that's what it's called. It's bigger and I think it would look cute with purse charms to jazz it up. I love them when I'm going out at night and just want to carry ID, lip gloss, compact and phone.
  14. I have a combination wristlet/wallet from tignanello and it's awesome. Because it's a wallet it has loads of organization and the wristlet strap is removable.

    I never remove the strap because I frequently take it out of my bag when I run into the store. Also because I sometimes use a cane I'll just grab it so I have at least one hand free. It holds a ton - cards, reciepts, phone, pda, sunglass clips, keys, gloss.

  15. I see plenty that I think are cute but I don't buy them b/c there's no way they would hold all my stuff!