Do you like wristlets?

  1. I love the look of a wristlet. But they just look like they would be annoying to wear. If you own one, what do u think of it? Right now i'm using a swingpack when I want something small. It's great for shopping because it frees up both arms. But right now those wristlets are calling my name, hehe.
  2. I use the wristlets in my bags to hold things. I rarely carry one on its own.
  3. I love wristlets. However, I learned after purchasing 2 of them that I have no need for them and they were a waste of my money lol. I love the look, they're just impractical for me :smile:
  4. i love wristlets! they are so convient and if you need a bigger bag you can just place the wristlet in there and add as much stuff in. dooney wristlets are VERY roomy!
  5. I have a wristlet and I use it for my Ipod. It holds my car charger, my ear buds and my video ipod perfectly.
  6. I was thinking of buying one myself.
  7. I use one of the larger flat wristlets as my "money envelope" wallet in my larger purse--it fits in everything from the bucket bag to a large satchel. I just got the flap wristlet in both the Madras print, and raspberry signature print, and they hold so much!! I used the madras when I went out last week and it held my cell, lip gloss, cash, ID and credit card. I could have fit my small keychain into it also, but I clipped it onto the wristlet where the strap attaches.
  8. i have a few wristlets and i love them! they're convenient for just bringing the essentials along with you. :yes:
  9. i think they're adorable and would be a nice addition to the inside of a tote or something as an organizational feature to the whole handbag outfit you'd be rockin! i use a pouch sometimes but the flap wristlets dooney has are adorable!
  10. I have a bumblebee flap wristlet that I use for quick trips out to pick something up at the store... when all I need is money, a few cards and my cell phone. I just think the bumblebee pattern is so cute, I look for any excuse to wear it.
  11. I WOULD use mine all the time, but my phone is a Treo. Not much more my wristlet can hold with that thing in it.
  12. I love the look of wristlets but I think, for me, they are impractical. Although, reading some of the responses...maybe I could use it as a wallet or cosmetic case.
  13. I'm thinking about a wristlet too since they are more affordable. I don't know if I would ever break down and spend so much money on one of the bags. So this is a better alternative for me.
  14. If you love a fabric then get a little piece of it. That is how I am collecting my LV fabrics. Some of the Dooney fabrics might be too much for a bag but perfect for a small bit like the cute candy and bumblebee fabrics.
  15. Wristlets are great! They are perfect for a night out in a club when you dont want to carry a huge bag, or for the gym when all you need are a few things. I also use mine as a wallet sometimes and just throw it into a larger bag.