Do you like where you live?

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  1. I mean your place...
    I live in a small town, everything is so different that I wished it would be. I was used to living in Athens and now I miss it.
    It has a bright side of course. Beautiful town, sea, some good shops and restaurants...
    Maybe it's not the place itself but the people...I don't really like the way of living here...
    Sadly there are no prospects of me leaving this town, but as soon as possible off I go!
  2. I love where I live at. The people, atmosphere, attitude, weather, the beach, etc., it's like paradise to me.

    It does make things not so much fun if you aren't into the way things are around you. Did you move for work?
  3. yeah...
    I don't want to be a total pessimist here of course!:smile:
  4. I absolutely hate it. I live in a small town, no good shops, no good night life, barely anything to do.. everyone knows everyone else's business. I can't wait to move away!
  5. the truth is I'm fascinated by big cities and life there, so since I live in a small town I feel depressed...
    I hate how the roads are full of bumps and holes and u can't walk without ruining your shoes, how there aren't any interesting things to see or do... Small everyday things that is.

    On the other hand If I lived in the US I think I'd be excited. Maybe I live on a cloud, but I'm jealous of you guys...there are so many things to do and places to go!
  6. I am a big city girl. I don't think I could adjust well to a small time.

    Greece is beautiful.
  7. goes both ways! I'm sure you would find people living in the US who may think living in Greece would be awesome!

    Is your profession one that may take you back to a large city someday?
  8. I'm a teacher so I think yes.there are prospects.thank god:tup:
  9. Phew! That's great news!!! :yahoo: Hope you can move back to a big city at the earliest! :heart:
  10. to tell u the truth, I've been thinking about it and decided to take some action. Maybe I should also try to change how I look things.
    For example if I can't go to Starbucks (cause there isn't one here, and I'm addicted as u can say) I should try and make some coffee on my own, or I should create some good atmosphere in my own home...
  11. :yes: I think these are excellent ways to make yourself happier!! :tup: If you know you cannot move just yet, take control of what you can control to make yourself happy!

    good luck to you! :heart:
  12. Nope.

    Dh and I are planning to move (possibly California) in a few years. The weather here sucks, the people are weird, there's not a lot to do, we're in the middle of the prairies.. I could go on and on. We recently built our house here and we absolutely love it so we decided to give it no more than 5 years.
  13. i do like where i live except i HATE winter. hate it. it's hard to enjoy the fall when i know what's following it. i'm open to other places but i would never leave permanently because this is home, where my whole family is. and it is a great city...

    venetiakim- i'm sorry you aren't loving where you are living but it actually sounds beautiful. maybe you would like it more if you viewed it as a temporary situation. you did say that you can leave eventually, right?
  14. It is a beautiful city. as I said, it's more the way of living, not the city itself.
    I hope in 5 years I'll be able to...
  15. I like where I llive. Its in Southern England and pretty quiet but only 45 minutes to London by train. I go once a week cos I grew up in London. Buts its nice to get back to my peaceful village later.