Do you like / wear anklets ever

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post, but haven't seen much here about anklets, which is a shame cos I think they can look cute and sexy.
    Anyway, I tried a bracelet I have here as an anklet and it looks interesting! A bit different to the string one I have on my other foot. Does it look ok to you, would you wear one like it.
    On another note, do stumpy toes (like I've been 'blessed' with!) look cute or ugly!

  2. I love an anklet...
  3. To be honest, I don't think that anklets look cute or sexy. They are just not my thing. However, I do like individuality, so if you like them, wear them and enjoy them:smile:
  4. I love my anklet....I wear one I got in Puerto Rico most days. Your anklets are cute!
  5. I remember delicate ankle chains were very trendy in the UK in the 1980s. Worn with espadrilles in the summer & looked pretty. I haven't seen anyone wear them since but things come back around so you may be starting a whole new trend here.
  6. I live in Hawaii and everyone in my town is dressed pretty casually for the most part. You see all sorts of jewelry being worn and anklets are part of it.
  7. no it's not my thing. I tend to wear tights with dresses or even if i'm bare leg I just dont like the look of them on me.

    my sister wears a delicate gold chain anklet in the summer which looks cute on her.
  8. I want to be honest with you, the ones you got on look quite chunky and I don't think they are very flattering. I prefer delicate pieces if you want to wear an anklet. They are not generally my thing. Just my opinion.
  9. My sister does but I don't. I have ugly legs and have felt inferior all my life over my legs, so I don't wanna wear an anklet and draw attention to my legs
  10. There was a time i wanted one when i was in my teens/early 20s but i somehow never got one. When i started working i wore long pants fairly often. Still do now so dont see the point of wearing one now as it would be hidden most of the time.

    I think they can look cute though.
  11. I think the beaded anklets look really cute on you, Rach! :smile:

    There's a famous scene concerning anklets in the movie "Love in the Afternoon," one of those inimitable Billy Wilder comedies. Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper are sitting in a rowboat. The saucy young woman played by Audrey attempts to provoke jealousy in the old, world-weary playboy played by Cooper by professing her love of wearing anklets in sexy situations. Cooper's character is aghast and sputters on about how anklets are only worn by wanton women.

    I remember that trend, and I always wanted to buy a gold ankle chain. But I grew too old before I could. I don't think anklets should be worn by anyone over 40. But I do think they look good on younger women in the summer.
  12. No....never.
  13. I don't ever wear anklets, because my ankles are very rarely exposed.
  14. Only on someone with a perfect leg, ankle and pedicure!
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    My wife wears a double gold chain anklet. It's been on for years and doesn't even have a clasp! I think it looks great.