Do you like Vernis Violette?

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Do you like Vernis Violette?

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  1. I'm curious amongst a bunch of crazy LV lovers how well recieved is the Violette Vernis

    My SA said it's no selling as well as expected but pomme is still doing great

    I'm talking about the colour in general rather than the individual items

    side note:- please try not to be offensive to others we are all different if you don't like it you don't need to be cruel thank you :heart:
  2. I'm not too crazy about it on bigger items.. but I think it's super cute on smaller accessories, a nice pop of colour !
  3. I think LV couldve picked a different shade of purple, more like slightly darker PURPLE color but rather than the light, undertones it has.. I bought the pochette wallet, and cant decicde weather I want to keep it or not, The only reason I purchased it was because I found it on eBay for $425 NEW and I coudlnt pass it up...Over all not BIG on it, i think it couldve been really great in a different purple tone.
  4. I think its pretty another tPf forum had it out a couple days ago and it looked stunning.
  5. I like it a lot, but in small doses. I wasn't too crazy about it in bag form, but I love the cles.
  6. I bought the vernis heart in this color and love it. I think a french purse in this color will be my next LV purchase.
  7. Like the small pieces too. Too pinky for my tastes in the larger pieces.
  8. I am not a fan of purple--any shade of purple to be honest. I tried to like the new violette and had my SA put the new pochette cles on hold in the violette but when I went to see it in real life I just couldn't do it and got Amarante instead. That being said I also saw the two new Epi colors and just couldn't do them either. Purple just isn't for me. I hope they make a turquoise color soon!
  9. <---- PURPLE lover! I not only like it ... I LVoe it!!!
  10. Couldn't agree more. I couldn't del with a huge vernis item anyway. Thats prob why they make more vernis acces. that bags. To overwhelming. IMO the bellvue is just overwhelming. I don't think any vernis colooor will do as well as pomme for as loong time. Pomme was so hyped and anticipated.
  11. yes I really like the purple shades...
  12. Its growing on me, I saw Rebecca's vernis heart on her amarante brentwood and it looked fab! I have a few amarante peices, I wouldnt mind a violet heart now, lol
  13. I love purple, but when I saw the violette color IRL, I wasn't overwhelmed by it. I would have preferred a deeper shade of purple. However, I did think the violette heart was very pretty. I would be delighted to have either the heart, or some other small accessory in that shade.
  14. I think it's a cutesy color. I also like it in small doses but hard as this is to say....I don't plan to buy anything in Violette since I bought two pieces of Amarante that I loooove.
  15. I like it in smaller accessories too. If they made the regular cles in violette, I would probably get it. I think the new pochette cles is too big for what I want to use it for. :yes: