Do you like/use purse organizers?

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  1. Hi!

    Do you like and/or use purse organizers? I have two, and I think they are very nice. First I bought one made by some Swedish company, I think. I think it is very handy, but unfortunately it's a little two small. Fortunately, it wasn't expensive, and I can still use with some small bags.

    Because I found that organizer handy, but too small I bought a bigger one, this time a British BagPod, size medium. I already love it, and since it's made of leather, I hope to use it for a long time.

  2. I have one but I don't really like it. I found that I could only use it in structured bags. I only mine on one bag. For my other bags, I find it easier to just put everything into my makeup pouch. I don't carry much anyways. But for things that I worry about, such as pens (in case of leaking) or keys (scratching up leather interior), I just put those into my makeup pouch.
  3. ^I'm the the same, that I put the pen inside of my make-up pouch. I don't have any bag organizer, I usually only carry a make-up pouch, a wallet and my cellphones, I do sometimes have to bring an umbrella or a book so I don't see the use of a bag organizer.
  4. My mum kindly bought one for me from Muji. It's small, made from nylon and has heaps of little pockets and two compartments. I find it extremy useful to be used inside super slouchy handbag like my Bal twiggy. I can actually find my stuff easier & quicker. I'm so used to it now that I use it all the time when I carry my bigger handbags too.
  5. Hi, please try a search. We have several existing threads on purse organizers that you can read or join. Thanks! :biggrin:
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