Do you like Tori Spellings dress?

  1. [​IMG]

    I think it looks great on her you can get it at Saks for a good price.. I got it for a wedding that I have coming up.
  2. Dress is gorgeous, but I think on her there might have been too much hair and a bit too much decolletage to really show off the dress on her....Enjoy it at the wedding!
  3. I do some seamstress work, and I can tell that she definitely had it fitted at the bust and the empire waist. In order to fit into the top of the dress, she would have had to buy anywhere between 2 to 3 sizes up. I think it looks nice on her (agree with hair comment though, it should have been pulled back from her face).
    Great purchase on the dress!:tup:
  4. Thanks its a nice summer dress, for a special occasion.:smile:
  5. Its a great dress, just looks aweful on her....WAY TOO much cleavage! and her gold hair looks soooooo fake....
  6. Cute dress! Don't like Tori Spelling though. haha.
  7. really cute, but I would not pull of wearing it.
  8. Great looking dress. I think it would look even nicer if it were knee length or shorter.
  9. Great dress.

    I like Tori. I got to meet her once and she was pretty cool.
  10. love the dress!
  11. I like it.
  12. I like it. It just looks like it would be tricky to wear without some alterations.
  13. Looks much better on the model than on Tori! It's cute.
  14. The dress is very pretty, but she wore it all wrong. Too much hair. hair pulled back looks best with a dress so striking.