Do you like to 'play' with your new things?

  1. I just got home from the f/w shoe preview at Valley Fair and I got 'a few' (ok maybe a little more that a few) small goodies and I am having a great time...sipping a cocktail and slowly unwrapping each treat and 'playing' with it and putting it back in to the box.

    Anyone else do this or am I totally insane? :upsidedown:
  2. ^ In the same boat with ya, Twinkle.Tink!
    But shhh... don't tell anyone or they'll throw us in the lonney bin. (Hopefully filled with more LV for us to play with.)
  3. you are not alone:rolleyes: I am one of them :graucho:guess i love mine so much that i will take in and out slowly, smell them and kept praising them..hahaha esp my pomme cles...really beautiful baby :roflmfao:

  4. ^^ you're funny.....i do the same thing, but I have to do it privately, so my DH doesnt catch me !!!:roflmfao:
  5. hehe me me me! i do that too, ALL The time! :smile:

    hahahahaha and im laughing like crazy because i litterally just got a few goodies out to "play" with!! haha a scarf and the pastilles, wondering what else to do with it!!! haha i just weaved that pastilles through my hair, kinda looks cute haha!

    but what did u gettttttt! i wanna see!

    btw ^^ my bf has actually started using my obsession in his favor...if i get bored hell be like, why dont u go play with your goodies!! hahaha :smile:
  6. Count me in as another member of the looney LV bin! LOL I do the same thing too! It's totally crazy, but it gives me such pleasure to look at my treasures one by one and tucking them back in their boxes after play time is over. Heehee!
  7. :yes::yes: That's why no pictures yet....he really thinks I have lost it when I take pics!
  8. Hehe I do the same thing..I take them out and put them back a few times before I use them. It's so fun haha.

    So what did you get? :graucho:
  9. :roflmfao:me too!!
  10. I totally do the same thing -- I love slowly introducing my things into the "real world." Then they can stay perfect for so much longer!
  11. i can totally relate! :roflmfao:
  12. I do like to play with my new purchases. Its usually a bad idea since I have to travel to go to my favorite LV. So there's usually tissue paper, dustbags, and such strewn all over the place.
  13. I play with them no matter how small. I just get excited. What did you get?
  14. Yeap...I'm just as loony as you are:p
  15. I must be a freak because I like taking pictures of my new little goodies. LOL