Do you like to "just look?"

I like window shopping and figuring out what I want. One time I can go to the mall and figure out what I like, compare contrast. I feel comfortable doing so.
love to window shop. sometimes, that's all that's needed for "retail therapy"

though I admit, I've been known to cave and pull out the credit card :shame:
Sometimes I go just to look, but most of the time it's to buy. Or, a just to look trip turns into a buying trip :shame: The only time I really go just to look is when I go to Sound Advice or Best Buy to look at TVs or other electronics. I really want an LCD TV for our bedroom, but I'm cheap with that would rather spend the money on bags :lol:
i like to look. and check out the inventory. see what's new... i just don't like it when the SA's keep asking if you need help. that's annoying.
I like window shopping, but I usually have something I plan on buying when I go shopping. Like I might go out to buy shoes, and then end up looking at all kinds of things :biggrin: