Do you like to fill your H-bags in rainbow colors?

  1. I don't know whether it is tacky or not to use wallet, agenda from hermes the same color as your H-bag? I have seen some members here that keep their bag fill with rainbow color though. Just need some inspiration from my fellows here.:p
  2. LOL -Chloe, fill you bag with whatever colours your heart desires!

    All my "in-bag" accessories are either rose shocking or etoupe, but that's just because I like sticking to a theme...I think many of the members here love mulit-coloured accessories, and it looks great!
  3. Do whatever makes you happy. If you are really fond of a certain color I don't see anything wrong with getting everything in that color. I have all different colors in my bag because I like so many of Hermes' colors but not so much for a bag. Also, the different colors help me find everything easily.

    I have a book by Kate Spade called Contents with pictures of what inside several women's handbags. One of the participants is Nina Griscom. All of the leather goods in her bag are from Hermes and they are all Turquoise. I wish I could scan the picture for you because it looks really nice.
  4. Here you go:
  5. I love filling mine up with different colors... so easy to find things...

  6. Great picture GF & Dianagrace.
    I have a rainbow in my bag because it is easy to say look for rose shocking which is my wallet. Before the rainbow, I went out of the way to make everything match.
  7. Monochromatic or rainbow--I've seen both done beautifully. I personally like variety in my bag and H-colors are so fantastic that I can never just choose one to go with.
  8. I don't think it is tacky to have all the same colors to match with the bag, it is very cool in a way. But rainbow colors are more fun.
    Kallie Girl Thank you for the link and Rose the picture is so nice. I love it. :heart::heart:
  9. I love it either way but have a rainbow inside mine. It didn't happen overnight piece at a time - in the other thread I recall one gal had a black bag with I think all red inside and it was stunning! I do know I had 2 red bags at one point and a cylcamen wallet - and as much as I'm very easy-going in general...well that clash was just TOO much for me lol!! I have a rose shocking bearn and also a vermillion azap wallet to swap out...I also have turquoise in a karo, orange keyholder, and a violet checkbook cover (actually an agenda but it works perfect)...oh and I have that same book dianagrace by Kate Spade! I love it....just looked through it again over the weekend...
  10. Not tacky at all. Whatever makes your heart sing. But I find that same coloured accessories make making stuff in the bag rather difficult. That's why I go for rainbow colours. I will buy colours in small leather accessories, what I wouldn't do in a H bag. That way, I get to experience a wider range of H colours. :yes:
  11. I like both looks. Sometimes you come across a small leather accessory in a color that you would never wear in a bag si it's your chance to get that color in H

    Rose, your photo is stunning :heart:
  12. Thanks for the beautiful pics. And good point that it is hard to get the item you want if they are all in the same colors.LOL:heart:

    Thank you, your guys are the best!:woohoo:
  13. I plan on getting the matching wallet (probably a Bearn) when I get my croc Kelly. I LOVE matching croc!
  14. ^^Rose, I love your organized bag. I can only hope mine will someday be as organized as yours. Beautiful!