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  1. It's okay. I don't know if I would wear it bare like that and it's not something I would probably pick out but everyone has different tastes. Do you love it?
  2. its cute but i think a bit young for me, my daughter would look cute in it though.
  3. I do not at all, and it seems unflattering in the booty.
  4. i'm not feeling it..
  5. I like it... i would wait until it was on sale though.
  6. i hate it, to be honest. I think the black part is really cute but that ruffled part on the bottom is just horrible. if you really like it, i am POSITIVE this will end up on a clearance rack in the near future.
  7. Honestly, No! sorry.
  8. I like the back...not too sure about the ruffled part though
  9. No, because it emphasizes the hips.
  10. I would like it if they would loose the skirt...
  11. I like it! It's nice and quirky. It definitely depends on the person wearing it though. I'm sure if you carry it with confidence you could rock it!
  12. nope
  13. not for me.
  14. i don't like the bottom of it (especially in the back).