Do you like this??

  1. Hey! Im browsing dresses for my birthday. Well, technically it will be the day before my birthday...I already have my birthday dress. What do you think??

    And I'm liking these shoes also...

  2. love the whole look!
  3. great look!!
  4. Love the whole outfit!! You have good taste!
  5. loves it! the dress is gorgeous!
  6. The dress is hott and the shoes too. Loving the whole look.
  7. Both of them are very nice!
  8. Thanks everyone :greengrin:.
    I am ordering both of them!
  9. Yes, I do, very nice! :tup:

    The shoes are nice, too. :biggrin:
  10. Love them!! The dress is GORGEOUS!
  11. I :heart::heart::heart: that dress!!! I think it's a perfect choice. I like the shoes too.
  12. those shoes are nice...

    i think black opaque tights would make the look pop. that may not be your style though.
  13. Cute! Great mod look-- the cut of the dress is so flattering to the arms and shoulders, too! :tup:
  14. Cute! Those shoes are hot!
  15. Love both of them!