Do you like this wristlet

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  1. Hey everyone. I saw this old patchwork wristlet online and wanted to know if you liked it or not.[​IMG]
  2. I'm not a wristlet person..I mean I always look at them online & in the stores I guess just admiring them. But, I can never just buy it b/c then I would be thinking what would I actually use it for..I can't go anywhere w/o a purse LOL. But the one you are looking at is really cute!! I say GO FOR IT!!
  3. I am on the fence about that pattern. Its looks better from far away. Does that make any sense? Kinda like a picasso (sp?).
  4. Thanks everyone
  5. I love it! And I have tons of wristlets and find them super functional for a night on the town when you don't want to carry a big ole purse. OR ..when you DO carry the big ole purse...they are nice to attached around the straps to keep track of essentials like cell or keys!
  6. I own that wristlet and I love it. make sure the one you are looking at is not a fake (if you are seeing it on ebay.)
  7. And I use my wristlets as cosmetics bags inside my purse, or as casual evening bags.
  8. Its pretty! I try and stay away from anything that has suede on it though. I always use them to seperate my make up in my purse or anything liquid (eye drops). Great organizers!
  9. I think it's cute. I'm not a huge fan on the patchwork but I like this patchwork better than most that they have made.
  10. its cute
  11. I approve!
  12. I really like it. I've seen it at a couple of outlets, so, if there is one close to you, you'd be better off buying from there, knowing it 100% suthentic, vs. taking that chance w/ ebay...and it was about 45 I think....maybe less....I can't really remember lol...I love the tote in this, but, still can't decide if I want it or not. I do love the patchwork on this one and I normally can't stand them!
  13. i've seen it today in my local coach store.. and mmm didnt win my heart:oh: .. but do see it in real life.. then you'll really know if u love it or not :cool:
  14. I think it's really pretty! It's the only pattern from the patchwork collection that I've really liked so far :smile:
  15. I love it!!